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Expand audience engagement

Deliver on-air content for viewing on websites, social media, and mobile apps. MediaCentral | Publish is a MediaCentral app that works in conjunction with the MediaCentral | Distribute service to simplify, streamline, and unify content distribution across diverse channels and devices. It enables you to engage audiences across the most relevant platforms more efficiently and effectively, so you can deliver breaking stories to more platforms faster.


  • Create complementary content fast
    Rather than waste time manually reformatting stories for your website, mobile apps, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and other social media posts, MediaCentral | Publish automates the process of creating content destined for viewing on a second screen, such as a laptop or mobile device. It leverages the video, images, and text from your story and seamlessly integrates with MediaCentral | Distribute, which handles all of the media transcoding, versioning, and publishing processes for you, enabling speedy multichannel distribution.
  • Gain better collaboration
    Break the work silos between content creators and your web and social media teams. MediaCentral | Publish enables journalists across all platforms to collaborate more effectively and develop compelling social media messages as part of the core creation process. Post media and messages to Twitter, Facebook, Brightcove, WordPress, and more. You can also simplify and control social media publishing by scheduling posts linked to stories in your rundown.
  • Ensure content is authorized and on-brand
    With built-in review and approval tools, you can safeguard your brand by ensuring that only accurate and appropriate messages and content are published to all of your media platforms. Easily track posting activity, topics, and approvals for each post, as MediaCentral | Publish provides a searchable record of all publishing activities per user.
  • Improve your workflow efficiency
    MediaCentral | Publish seamlessly integrates with and extends MediaCentral | Newsroom Management, MediaCentral | Production Management, and MediaCentral | Asset Management workflows, speeding your time of delivery. It also offers direct connection to CMS systems, YouTube, and other networks, making it easy to browse and publish assets and stories to your websites and social media. And coming soon, you’ll be able to use it with MediaCentral | Editorial Management too.
  • Deliver a cohesive multichannel audience experience
    Audiences today are dictating how content is consumed, making it essential to provide content across different viewing platforms. MediaCentral | Publish makes it easy to create content once and deliver it to multiple channels in one fell swoop. Stories, including video and text, created for your TV broadcast can be quickly converted for on-demand streaming, website playback, 280-character Twitter posts or other social media viewing, and watching on mobile devices, helping strengthen your brand, build audience share, and increase ad revenues.

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