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Integrate social media into your workflow

See what’s trending across news wires, social media, and other sources and leverage what people are saying and sharing to enhance and shape stories. MediaCentral | Research is an app for MediaCentral that enables you to monitor, filter, prioritize, and share user-generated content from Facebook, Twitter, and other social channels to present different points of view and engage viewers across multiple platforms.


  • Find relevant content fast
    Accessible through the MediaCentral | Cloud UX web interface, MediaCentral | Research enables you to search, retrieve, review, and filter multiple social media feeds and aggregate the information into a single database. This makes it easy to find more suitable content quickly, which can be leveraged by MediaCentral | Newsroom Management and other MediaCentral apps—all within the same interface.
  • Maximize audience engagement
    MediaCentral | Research provides an effective feedback channel that makes it easy for broadcasters to engage with audiences, ensuring your brand is visible on all relevant social channels. You can invite viewers to interact with your broadcast on social media, as well as publish content to social media automatically in parallel with your on-air broadcast.
  • Integrate a variety of content
    Not only can you leverage content from Brightcove, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, WordPress, and other social media platforms, you can integrate content from news wires,, and other news solutions and partner integrations. This enables you to filter out the noise of social media to get to the real story of what’s trending.

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