MediaCentral | Rundown


Shape and manage your newscast

Plan, manage, and update rundowns easily to deliver more compelling newscasts. MediaCentral | Rundown is an app for MediaCentral that makes it easy to create, edit, duplicate, group, and associate stories with sequences during live news production. It tightly syncs with MediaCentral | Newsroom Management, so any story or queue changes you make in one will automatically update the other for optimum efficiency.


  • Produce shows with ease
    When big stories demand full-scale coverage, MediaCentral | Rundown helps you manage multiple stories and queues and dynamically shape the rhythm of your newscast. Create, edit, and segment stories. Format scripts. Add production cues and machine control instructions. Lock and unlock stories. Insert script templates. And much more.
  • Copy and move stories quickly
    As stories develop, the order in which they appear in your newscast is bound to change. Rundown makes it easy to reorder stories, as well as copy and move stories from one location to another in the same queue—or to a different queue entirely. You can copy and move individual or multiple stories between open queues in different tabs or in different browser windows. You can even float stories if you’re not yet sure where—or whether—to place them.
  • Add media
    Need to add existing footage or a new asset to a story? Rundown gives you the flexibility to add content in a number of ways. You can associate an existing sequence with one or more stories, create a new sequence for a story, or even create a text-only story segment if video isn’t required.
  • Deliver stories to social media
    Break the work silos between your broadcast, web, and social media teams. MediaCentral | Rundown integrates with the MediaCentral | Publish app, enabling journalists across all platforms to collaborate and deliver compelling content on air and to CMS systems, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and other social networks. You can also simplify and control social media publishing by scheduling posts linked to stories in your rundown.
  • Get peace of mind
    Rundown honors all security measures you’ve set within MediaCentral | Newsroom Management to ensure that only those authorized can make changes. That said, you can also lock stories in several ways to support different workflows. You can key lock a story to provide password-protected access to multiple editors. Set an easy lock so that only a single authorized user can access a story. Or use segmented edit locking to allow different access privileges to different users, such as for a producer needing to update the Story Form section of a script while a journalist is working on the body copy.

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