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Quickly locate and access the video, audio, graphics, and document files you need—regardless of where the assets are stored. MediaCentral | Search is an app for MediaCentral that provides powerful search and filtering tools, enabling you to index and find content instantly across multiple local and remote MediaCentral-networked systems in a variety of ways.


  • Gain global search capabilities

    Because everything in MediaCentral can be accessed through a single user interface—MediaCentral | Cloud UX—MediaCentral | Search is available across every MediaCentral module, app, service, panel, and connector you use. Simply type in any keywords, metadata, or other specified criteria in the Search bar to start your search query. Then easily review or preview results with built-in playback or hoverscrub, which enables you to scrub forward and backward through a clip by simply mousing over its thumbnail.

  • Create a rich content library

    MediaCentral | Search automatically indexes content across all of your available media databases, enabling you to build and maintain a deep content library with little effort. Not only does this help maximize the value of all of your assets, it enables content creators across your entire organization to search for media from anywhere, using any device.

  • Find clips based on dialogue

    Need to find footage that contains a certain spoken word or phrase? Add MediaCentral | Phonetic Index to Search to accelerate creative story editing. This option automatically indexes all of your video and audio content across MediaCentral phonetically, enabling you to type a word or phrase to locate every clip that contains the dialogue you seek in seconds. Dialogue hits are displayed as color-coded indicators in clips, so you can jump right to where the words are spoken in the timeline to review.

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  • Refine your results

    MediaCentral | Search offers tools to help you further hone in on the best clip for your project. Use the Filter sidebar to fine-tune additional search criteria. Or use the histogram, which enables you to visually search through content by date.



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