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Capture and playout IP streams directly to and from Avid production

Add remote IP_MediaCentral

Add remote IP contribution to your production

Enable broadcast contribution to on-premises and cloud production workflows over the Internet with an open-protocol, vendor-agnostic, software-based IP ingest solution. No matter from where or what device they’re coming, MediaCentral | Stream makes it easy to bring in remotely generated content and make it available immediately to the production team.

Stream content from and to any location

With real-time SRT playout, you can send captured IP streams—even while Media Composer or MediaCentral is still sending them (Play While Transfer)—from your facility, a remote location, or the cloud to any SRT-enabled receiver anywhere in the world. And easily manage and edit playlists and playout with an Avid or third-party controller.
stream content
edit and share

Edit and share media while capturing it

With media available mere seconds after the action happens, you can instantly edit and share newly captured content online, on social media, and on air while it’s still relevant. Preview and edit media as the feed is still being recorded using MediaCentral, Media Composer, or Adobe® Premiere® Pro. Access timecode, closed captions, and other ancillary data from the incoming streams written to OP-Atom files. You can even add graphics and branding to growing files.

Automate your ingest

The new MediaCentral | Acquire app – part of the web-based MediaCentral | Cloud UX – puts the power of acquisition in the hands of your users in the office or remote. The app can control multiple MediaCentral | Stream channels efficiently to get media and valuable metadata directly to production teams.
ingest ip feed

Ingest IP feeds without changing your workflow

Capture multiple, compressed IP streams—including real-time OP1a ingest—directly to Avid NEXIS and into MediaCentral using the same processes and downstream workflows used to ingest files and SDI feeds. Content is automatically checked into production and made available across your platform, shortening ingest times while enabling better production efficiency.

Leverage SRT, RTMP, and other IP streams

With its open architecture, MediaCentral | Stream works with the most common IP streaming protocols available now—including support for encoding incoming streams with the ability to add more in the future. It supports the open and encrypted SRT protocol (Secure Reliable Transport), enabling secure, reliable remote contribution from SRT-enabled cameras, smartphones, and encoders and playout to SRT-enabled receivers. And it supports RTMP (Real-Time Messaging Protocol) too.
leverage SRT
dual ingest

Dual ingest high-res and proxy media

With the latest MediaCentral | Stream release,you can now simultaneously dual ingest high-res and proxy media directly to Avid NEXIS in real time in a similar manner to the proven proxy workflow you use with SDI ingest devices. Plus, the workflow provides "Edit While Capture" capabilities and multi-resolution dynamic relink for MediaCentral and Media Composer users, accelerating your production.

Enable live remote workflows

Many news, sports, and TV productions are having teams and talent work remotely. IP contribution enables high-quality, low-cost streaming to happen from anywhere, making it a popular choice. And MediaCentral | Stream makes it fast and easy to bring all of these live feeds directly into your existing production environment and send edited media anywhere.
enable live remote
get flexible

Get flexible, scalable deployment

MediaCentral | Stream is a software-only solution that doesn’t require any dedicated hardware, so you can choose how to integrate it. Run it as a standalone service on a virtual machine for on-premises use. Or deploy it as a cloud service for anytime, anywhere access. Plus, it’s available as a subscription, so it’s easy to scale, upgrade, and fit into your budget.

Monitor feeds and performance with ease

Gain better insight into your system with the MediaCentral | Stream web remote console. Have confidence that audio streams are coming in correctly with audio meters that display audio level data. And ensure system health and production resiliency with the performance dashboard, which displays detailed info about your system's CPU and RAM usage, decoding and encoding times, write-to-disk performance, and more.
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