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Your command post for things to do

View all assigned tasks, either individually or as a group, to accelerate the workflow. MediaCentral | Tasks is an app for MediaCentral that makes it easy to communicate assignments to team members, and for team members to understand what they’re being assigned—no matter where they’re located.


  • Complete projects faster, together

    MediaCentral | Tasks works in conjunction with MediaCentral | Assign (coming soon), enabling team members to view all of the tasks to which they have been individually and group assigned. This makes it easier for team leads to prioritize and track tasks, and for contributors to always be aware of the work that needs to be done.

  • Keep tasks organized

    MediaCentral | Tasks offers simple yet powerful management tools to keep tasks organized, providing a graphical representation of each task status for easier tracking and completion. And because all tasks are accessible from the same MediaCentral | Cloud UX interface used for all other MediaCentral apps and services, you can work anywhere, using any computer, laptop, or mobile device.

  • Reduce downtime and mistakes

    No need to keep checking in with the assignment editor. Every team member’s list of tasks is always accessible to them, greatly reducing downtime. And when new developments or late-breaking info arise, any assigned tasks can be easily updated, enabling faster and better communication while minimizing the risk of overlooking important criteria.

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