MediaCentral | Transcode


Automate media conversion

Need to speed up your production pipeline? MediaCentral | Transcode is a service option for MediaCentral that automatically encodes stored material into the resolutions you need for high-res editing, portable use, proxy editing, project finishing, and/or archiving. It enables you to take advantage of distributed workflows, generating low-bandwidth H.264 proxies, including compressed audio, so more editors and content contributors can access the media without slowing down the network.


  • Speed up time to delivery
    MediaCentral | Transcode includes a mixdown service to “flatten” entire audio/video sequences to create a new master clip, while transcoding to a specified output format for distribution. With dual mixdown capability, it triggers a high-res mixdown and proxy from editing clients at the same time and tracks them together for multi-res workflows.
  • Accelerate and synchronize your throughput
    MediaCentral | Transcode generates multiple-resolution versions of a single media asset. You and your teams can work with whatever resolution is required for the task, and edits are automatically reflected across all versions. The original media stays untouched and protected.
  • Get the right resolution, right away
    Media Composer | Ultimate and MediaCentral | Cloud UX both support high- and low-resolution formats, giving you flexibility with media access. To keep bandwidth running smoothly, your systems administrator can establish resolution settings for users and applications, ensuring that only the allowed resolutions are available to each.
  • Eliminate duplication confusion
    When used with MediaCentral | Production Management, you can track all of the available resolutions simply, easily, and transparently. This ensures that MediaCentral | Transcode doesn’t duplicate any media that’s already available, eliminating format and resolution confusion for all connected systems.

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