MediaCentral | Transfer


Move media to and from devices

Exchange high-resolution media with other workgroups, remote locations, and partner-integrated systems easily. MediaCentral | Transfer is a service for MediaCentral that manages processor-intensive media transfers to and from video servers and transcoding engines, making it an ideal solution to streamline broadcast and post-production workflows. It also preserves all HDR metadata to ensure HDR content displays the proper and optimal color gamut.


  • Save time and space
    When configured for optimal workgroup performance, MediaCentral | Transfer can transfer media up to 45 MB/s. Its background capabilities make it easy to offload processor-intensive transfers from busy editing systems. And with intelligent file handling, it can decompose a sequence, identify all referenced master clips, and transfer only the referenced media files, preventing redundant material from filling up storage.
  • Integrate Avid partner media and machines
    MediaCentral offers broad support for industry application programming interfaces (APIs), making it easy to integrate your existing third-party production devices and file formats and share media seamlessly in a collaborative production environment.
  • Minimize editing interruption
    No need to stop editing or leave a project to transfer a sequence. You can select transfer destinations while editing in MediaCentral | Cloud UX—or directly in your Media Composer | Ultimate or Adobe Premiere Pro interface through the corresponding MediaCentral panel option—and transfer media in the background. It also supports FrameChase editing, so you can start editing right after recording starts. You can even move captured material directly to a MediaCentral workgroup or connected editing systems.

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