MLN-192 Milan Option Card

MLN-192 Milan Option Card

Send and receive up to 128 channels of audio between Avid VENUE | S6L and Milan-certified loudspeakers, amplifiers, and other pro audio devices with the utmost speed and sample accuracy. The MLN-192 Milan Option Card enables easy plug-and-play connectivity to Milan-enabled devices and switches on an AVB network, with the guaranteed delivery, interoperability, and reliability the Milan specification brings.


  • Distribute audio with ease
  • Enable system-to-system routing
  • Get guaranteed performance
  • With a growing number of pro audio manufacturers adopting the Milan protocol, the card enables S6L to connect with and transmit audio to a variety of Milan-enabled devices over an Ethernet AVB network. No switch configuration or IT expertise required. And when used with redundant star network topologies, you can create a more robust, scalable, and future-proof distributed I/O model for theaters, houses of worship, and other performance venues.
  • Easily transmit up to 128 channels of high-quality 96 kHz audio between S6L systems at front-of-house and monitor positions, as well as to a remote broadcast system. All you need is a single Ethernet cable connecting the cards together, simplifying routing complexity, eliminating bulky cabling, and cutting costs.
  • Milan is a standards-based network protocol developed jointly by Avid, d&b audiotechnik, L-Acoustics, Meyer Sound, and other pro A/V manufacturers. So, you can have peace of mind knowing that all certified devices—including the MLN-192 card—will work together perfectly, providing reliable on-time delivery. Plus, Milan happily coexists with other Ethernet traffic too, so you can present big multimedia shows, without fear of audio dropouts or signal degradation.

System requirements

  • VENUE | S6L system running VENUE 7.0 or later software


Audio channels 128 channels of audio at 96 kHz
Connections Two Milan-AVB RJ45 Ethernet ports
Host connection PCIe for installation into any E6L engine

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