AAX DSP Plugins. The format that takes you further.

AAX DSP plugins bring flexibility to your creative process. You can record through them with sub-1 ms monitoring latency, then mix with the same plugins in native mode. Because AAX DSP is architected to sound brilliant—and identical—in both native and HDX DSP domains, you can move effortlessly between them. And do all your work all in Pro Tools.

Made to go the extra mile.

With unmatched dynamic range and the ability for 64-bit double precision processing, AAX plugins are superbly designed for the highest sound quality and capability. A single plugin can access both low- and high-latency signal networks simultaneously, enabling CPU-intensive effects like reverbs to run with incredible efficiency. And because each AAX DSP plugin has a native counterpart, you can work in native mode and then tap into HDX DSP power just by clicking a button. This means you can mix and record with near-zero latency using the same plugins in Pro Tools—without any distracting third-party apps.
AAX Plugins in Pro Tools software on laptop
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The universe of AAX DSP. Open and expanding.

AAX DSP plugins are used in every studio running a Pro Tools | HDX System, which means they’re behind the sounds of your favorite songs, films, and TV shows. They also run on Pro Tools | Carbon. With over 250 AAX DSP plugins available from the most respected brands in the business, there’s a universe of AAX DSP EQs, dynamics, reverbs, delays, sound processors, amp simulations, and other effects to explore.

Discover AAX DSP.

Carbon and HDX come with over 70 AAX DSP plugins, including exclusive EQs, dynamics, and amp simulations. And far more await discovery on our partners’ sites as well as right here on the Avid webstore.

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