Expand your Pro Tools | Carbon-powered studio up to 24 channels

Carbon Pre-Front Top-1000x750

Pro Tools | Carbon Pre

Sonically exceptional, Pro Tools | Carbon Pre is an 8-channel preamp that provides the same transparent preamp design and stacked ADCs as Carbon, providing 32-bit conversion to capture every sonic detail. With a Carbon Expanded system, you can tap into the Pro Tools Hybrid Engine for low-latency input processing—with remote preamp control through Pro Tools. Or use Carbon Pre to expand or replace preamps in a Pro Tools | HD system.

PRO TOOLS | Carbon Pre Features

    Expand an existing Pro Tools | HD system

    Got an existing Pro Tools system that needs more mic press? Use Pro Tools | Carbon Pre as an 8-channel preamp expansion unit to scale up your I/O, with the flexibility of remotely controlling and recalling all preamps right from Pro Tools. Or replace an aging Pro Tools | PRE and enjoy better performance and pristine sound quality. Integrate up to nine Carbon Pres in an HD system through your interface’s ADAT inputs — get all the configuration details here.

    Why artists choose Carbon PRE

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