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Get started with Pro Tools | Carbon

What is Carbon?

Get an overview of Pro Tools | Carbon.

What's in the box?

Get an overview of everything you'll get in the box and how to get all set up.

Connecting to Your Computer

Learn how to connect Pro Tools | Carbon to your computer and configure basic settings.

Configuring Pro Tools

Learn how to configure Pro Tools | Carbon inside of Pro Tools.

Configuring Speaker Sets

Set up speakers and learn the monitoring controls on Pro Tools | Carbon.

Configuring Headphone Mixes

Learn how to set up low latency headphone cue mixes.

Introducing the Hybrid Engine

Learn how to use the Hybrid Engine to easily offload AAX DSP plugin processing to Carbon.

Recording Basics

Get an overivew of the basics of running a simple recording session using Pro Tools | Carbon.

Advanced Workflows

Explore more advanced workflows for Carbon that are enabled by using the Hybrid Engine.

What is Variable Z

Learn how to change the feel and tone of direct recorded guitar and bass or different microphones by changing the impedance.


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