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The art of recording is about capturing the magic of a brilliant performance. The energy of the band. The emotion of the vocal. You take extraordinary care to record the moment beautifully. Now take it to the next level—hear from some incredible artists about capturing that brilliance—with Pro Tools and Carbon at the heart of it all.


Recording the band

For Mojave Ghost, inspiration and creativity are captured in the Mojave Desert with Carbon.

Recording artists

For multi platinum mixer and recording engineer Bainz (Young Thug), music is all about vibe—hear how he captures it.

Creating and recording music

Guitarist Jared James Nichols and engineer/mixer Barry Pointer share why Carbon Expanded is the ideal studio centerpiece.

Recording drums

Drummer and producer Mike Avenaim shows how ultra-low latency enables you to capture the right vibe while recording.

Capturing creativity

Music visionary Beatie Wolfe shares why “keeping that sense of playfulness and wonder alive is vital” to your artistry.

Recording live performances

DJ/producer Deewaan and artist Luisa Santiago hit a groove as they record their track "Man in the Morning."

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