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Built to capture brilliance. And ready for yours.

With superior sound quality and intelligent software integration, Pro Tools | Carbon removes barriers to creativity, so you can bring out the best in your performance and capture it beautifully.

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Pro Tools Carbon has 25 inputs and 34 outputs that can be accessed simultaneously, including four headphone outputs for cue mixes, and six Variable impedance inputs.

With onboard HDX DSP at your fingertips in Pro Tools, Carbon is a game changer.


Power and simplicity that drive your creative spark.

With HDX DSP acceleration under the hood and deep Pro Tools integration, Carbon has the power to keep pace with your imagination. Create in the moment, free from technical hassles. And focus on the music you’re making—not what you’re making it with.

HDX DSP Internals

Epic performance eliminates latency.

Carbon is cut from the same cloth as our flagship Pro Tools systems used in the world’s most acclaimed studios. Its custom-designed FPGA and eight HDX DSPs achieve remarkable sub-1 ms recording latency and free up your computer to run big, plugin-heavy sessions smoothly.  

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Carbon Lifestyle Overview
Fast, intuitive, and fully integrated.

Move effortlessly between tracking and mixing—without messing with buffer settings. The magic is in the Hybrid Engine, which lets you toggle tracks in and out of DSP Mode at the touch of a button. Record naturally through real-time AAX DSP plugins, without distracting latency. Then mix with the same plugins in Native Mode, without taxing Carbon’s onboard DSP.

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Low latency recording through Carbon makes me almost forget that there's a computer involved.


Turn your music into records.

From idea to final mix, Pro Tools is the heartbeat of your studio. And with Carbon turbocharging the experience, as well as a suite of hit-making AAX plugins at your fingertips, you can act on inspiration the instant it strikes.

Carbon Plugin Collage

Plug into an inspired sonic palette.

Shape your sound with a full range of AAX plugins—from warm, dimensional analog emulations, to cutting edge processors that define modern music making. In addition to the 118 plugins that come with Pro Tools, Carbon includes a premium collection to get you started from the biggest brands in the business.

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Super sonics.

Superior audio conversion. Double resolution clocking. And our most transparent preamp design ever. All details have been meticulously considered, so that Carbon captures every nuance of your performance with the greatest depth, dimension, and clarity. All you have to do is push record.

Ultra transparent pres and converters that capture sound beautifully—priceless

Converters and preamps. Musical and transparent.

With four ADCs per channel and pristine 32-bit precision throughout its gain structure, Carbon captures clean, natural-sounding audio without coloration. And with Variable Z built in, you can optimize or alter the tone of any microphone or instrument by simply adjusting input impedance.

8 mic preamp XLR connectors on Pro Tools | Carbon audio interface
Mic preamp circuitry for Pro Tools | Carbon hybrid audio interface
Oscilloscope showing eye diagram Pro Tools | Carbon hybrid audio interface

High-resolution clocking. Flawless sound.

Precision clocking is crucial for distortionless, artifact-free audio. That’s why we designed a double resolution implementation of the JetPLL™ jitter elimination technology to ensure the best sound quality for your music. It runs twice as fast as typical JetPLL clocks—and it’s twice as accurate.

When you hear your creative vision come to life in your headphones, your performance elevates.


Connect the whole band.

Whether you’re a solo artist or part of a band, Carbon has your I/O needs covered. With 25 x 34 simultaneous I/O—including eight mic pres and four headphone outs—you can record your entire band. With plenty of creative possibilities for miking, cue mixing, and expansion to meet your needs.

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Line drawing back of Pro Tools | Carbon audio interface

The future is Ethernet.

Carbon connects to your computer over Ethernet using a proprietary version of AVB to stream audio at 32-bit float precision—a first in the industry. This enables a consistently high headroom and the highest possible sound quality from input to output. And it primes Carbon for the future.

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