New features

PT Control MON Video
Gain full monitoring control

With the new Monitoring page, you can now assign and manage monitor controls right from Pro Tools | Control. Control any EUCON-enabled monitoring system—including XMON, Pro Tools | MTRX, D-MON, and monitor sources in Pro Tools, Cubase, Nuendo, and Pyramix—right from your iPad. Assign and control source selections, speaker cuts, talkback, and cues. You can even lock parts of the interface to your monitoring application for dedicated monitor control while mixing another DAW with the rest of the controls.

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Bring Control to your attention

You can now set how Pro Tools | Control reacts to actions you perform in your DAW with the latest EUCON software. Simply select the behaviors and DAW areas you’d like to engage to attention in your EUCON General settings. For example, if you select “Name” to be actionable, you can click on any track name in your DAW and Pro Tools | Control will automatically attention that same track in its interface. Or select “Fader” and whenever you click on a fader in your software, the Control app will automatically put that fader into focus.

Work faster and more flexibly

You can also now set Plug-in, Pan, and Send windows to open and close automatically whenever you select them for editing to speed things along. Plus, suspend all faders from following automation, view fader values in track name displays for a custom length of time, and enable/disable all plugin automation with a surface shortcut.

Key features

Track and mix with just a touch

Speed up your efficiency using a host of controls, including transport, faders, encoders, mute and solo buttons, input monitoring, and panning. Record tracks with a tap. Ride multiple faders to bring more life to your mix. And with graphical displays, track info, and meters—including peak, RMS, and clip metering—providing extensive visual feedback, you’ll always have insight into the key elements of your mix.

Get incredible control

With EUCON technology, Pro Tools | Control becomes an extension of your software, enabling you to take deeper control. No matter what you’re working with. Access and control hundreds of software commands and functions. Punch in audio. Toggle automation modes. Trigger complex macros to save tons of time. Plus, the app automatically updates its controls to any supported application you have in focus on your computer, giving you great mixing flexibility.

Mix faster with the intelligent design

Get multitouch mixing and timesaving advanced features packed in a modern display that you can take anywhere. With its intuitive layout and instant access views, you can interact with your mix in many ways. Filter the track display and trigger application functions, keystroke shortcuts, and macro commands with a single tap using the Soft Keys bar. And when used with Pro Tools | S3Pro Tools | Dock, or Artist Mix, you can view and recall channel layouts directly from the app.

Jump right into your mix

Big mix? No problem. With the unique Tracks view, you can visually navigate through the largest mixes. Scroll 40 tracks at a time and quickly find and bring any track to the surface. You can also select, record-enable, solo, and mute one or more tracks right from the screen. And because audio meters are displayed for every channel, it’s easy to keep an eye on levels and make adjustments quickly.

Free yourself from the cables that bind

With full wireless control, you can work in ways not possible with a mouse or cable-connected control surface. Record yourself in a different room from your DAW, such as an isolation booth. Mix from your favorite seat in your house. Control up to two networked audio/video workstations across a facility. Trigger playback or recording while on stage. Even take stealth control of a Foley or ADR session in the same room as your talent, without causing audible detriment from a key press or mouse click.

Extend your S3, Dock, or Artist Mix workflow

Get enhanced touch control, quick-access Tracks view, better soft keys control, a counter display, additional visual feedback, and customizable layouts when you use Pro Tools | Control with your existing control surface. Not only does the app add timesaving new features and customizability to your workflow, it offers a convenient way to recall layouts and trigger macros as you continue mixing on your S3, Dock, or Artist Mix.

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