System Requirements

System Avid-qualified Thunderbolt-equipped computer (see details)


Pro Tools | HD Accel* Pro Tools | HDX
Pro Tools | HD Native
Simultaneous voices/audio tracks @ 48/96/192 kHz** 96/48/18 (up to 512 total) 256/128/64 (up to 768 with three HDX cards)

384/192/96 (up to 768 with three Voice Packs)

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Latency*** 0.96 ms 0.7 ms 1.7 ms
Instrument Tracks 128 256 256
MIDI Tracks 512 1.024 1,024
Aux Tracks 160 512 512
Busses 256 unlimited
Channels of I/O 32 (up to 96 total) 64 (up to 192 total) 64
Automatic Delay Compensation (ADC) 4,096 samples 16,383 samples 16,383 samples
Processing Depth 24-bit fixed 32-bit floating point 32-bit floating point
Mixer Depth 48-bit fixed 64-bit floating point 64-bit floating point
DSP Power 9 x 200 MHz processors (56k) 18 x 350 MHz processors (T1) n/a (CPU host)

*  Pro Tools | HD Accel is the previous generation Pro Tools | HD system and no longer available. It is shown for comparison only 
**  Audio tracks based on sample rates of 48/96/192 kHz, respectively. 
***  Latency calculated using a 96 kHz sample rate with a 64-sample buffer. Tests run using Pro Tools | HDX and Pro Tools | HD Native with Pro Tools | HD I/O, and Pro Tools | HD Accel with 192 I/O.

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