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Pro Tools | HDX cards and chassis

Get the powerhouse DAW at the heart of professional music and audio post facilities. Configure a core system from scratch or add a card to an existing setup (audio interfaces sold separately).

HDX Card v2
Pro Tools | HDX PCIe card

Purchase HDX cards with or without Pro Tools | Ultimate software to design your own system or upgrade one, with up to three cards max per system.

HDX Thunderbolt 3 Chassis-min
Pro Tools | HDX Thunderbolt 3 Chassis

Bring the power of HDX to your desktop or studio rack with the Pro Tools | HDX Thunderbolt 3 Chassis, which can house a single HDX PCIe card (not included).


Pro Tools | HDX Thunderbolt 3 System Bundles

HDX Thunderbolt 3 System Bundles

Get everything you need in one bundle—HDX card, Thunderbolt 3 Chassis (desktop or rackmount), Pro Tools | Ultimate software, and a premium audio interface—taking the guesswork out of system setup. With the rackmount chassis, you can install a Mac mini alongside the HDX card for a fully self-contained (and portable) HDX system.

Pro Tools | HDX Thunderbolt 3 HD OMNI—Get the essentials for music or post production with a bundle that comes with the 1U HD OMNI interface, offering two premium mic preamps, 7.1 surround monitoring, and a 14-input persistent monitor mixer.

Pro Tools | HDX Thunderbolt 3 MTRX StudioGet the ultimate studio centerpiece for music and audio post with a bundle that includes MTRX Studio, offering flexible routing, 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos monitoring, and 64 channels of Dante in a single 1U interface.

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