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Hover or tap the purple (+) buttons to explore the Pro Tools | MTRX interface


Dual MADI: 128 Channels (Coaxial or Optical)

8 Option Card Slots

AES11 Sync Input

Clock I/O: Word/Ref

Coaxial MADI (64 I/O channels via BNC connectors)

Dante Option (64 channel)

2 x 32-channel DigiLink Mini connectors (64 channels total)

Dual 8-Ch AES/EBU (2 x DB25, 16 channels total)

Dual Power Supplies (internal)

Pro Tools | MTRX features eight pairs of AES/EBU I/O, 64 channels of DigiLink I/O, and 64 channels of MADI I/O in the base unit to get you started, but otherwise comes “empty.” This enables you to completely customize the audio interface with up to eight option cards for your unique music and/or audio post workflow needs.

You can mix and match up to six analog I/O cards to support up to 48 analog channels per MTRX interface, design an all-digital box with up to eight digital I/O cards (supporting up to 1,088 Dante channels or 1,216 MADI channels when maxed out with all available cards and modules), or configure it with any combination of analog and digital I/O. And if you’re mixing Dolby Atmos or other immersive audio format, the SPQ Speaker Processing Card will optimize your monitoring experience.

Here’s a look at all of the Pro Tools | MTRX option cards available for you to choose and use.

Analog I/O cards

8 Line Pristine AD Card input

8 Line Pristine AD Card (input)

Add eight channels of line-level analog inputs for connecting preamps, keyboards, signal processors, mixers, and other gear.

2 Mic Line Pristine AD Card input

2 Mic/Line Pristine AD Card (input)

Add two channels of analog inputs and mic preamps with relay-based gain circuit—an ideal low-cost option for talkback and tracking.


8 Mic Line Pristine AC Card input

8 Mic/Line Pristine AD Card (input)

Add eight channels of analog inputs and mic preamps with relay-based gain circuit, providing the utmost transparency and clarity.

8 Pristine DA Card output

8 Pristine DA Card (output)

Add eight channels of line-level analog outputs with an output level control, delivering the utmost audio transparency and clarity.

Digital I/O cards

AES 8 Hero

DigiLink I/O Card

Add 64 channels of DigiLink I/O through two DigiLink Mini ports. 
Includes one Pro Tools | DigiLink I/O License per card

AES 8 Hero

8 AES3 I/O Card

Add eight line AES3 inputs and outputs (16 channels), with built-in sample rate conversion.

DUAL 3G Hero

Dual SDI/HD/3G Card

Add 2 x 16 channels of SDI/HD/3G connections (embed/de-embed) with built-in sample rate conversion.

MTRX-Dante Hero

128-Channel IP Audio Dante Card

Add up to 128 channels of high-density, low-latency digital audio using Dante (128 channels at 44.1 kHz or 32 channels at 192 kHz).

Dante Hero

64-Channel IP Audio Dante Module

Add up to 64 channels of low-latency digital audio using Dante (64 channels at 44.1 kHz or 16 channels at 192 kHz).

MADI Hero-2

Dual MADI I/O Card

Add 128 channels of MADI inputs and outputs through two optical SFP ports to support audio transmission across any MADI device.

MADI-Mod Hero

MADI Module for Base Unit

Add an additional (or replacement) one or two 64-channel I/O coaxial or optical MADI modules to the MTRX chassis.

Digital processing cards


SPQ Speaker Processing Card

Add 128 EQ channels and up to 1,024 filters per SPQ card for comprehensive equalization and bass management to tune your room’s speaker system—ideal for monitoring immersive audio.

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