Build Your Own

S6 is designed to be customized to your unique workflows and needs. Choose one of the pre-configured systems or build your own—speak with our experts to determine the best fit for your workflow and business.

Here’s a look at the various modules and the options you can choose.

Master Touch Module—The control surface engine


All S6 surfaces include a Master Touch Module (MTM), which provides touchscreen access and control. Choose between the S6 M40 or S6 M10, which both feature a tilting 12.1-inch multipoint touchscreen, eight adjacent rotary encoders, and dedicated knobs and keys. These modules dictate the total number of modules you can include in your S6, impacting its overall size and customizability.

S6 M40 S6 M10

For high-end professionals and facilities that need great scalability and customizability. Choose the high-performance M40 for large-scale productions that require maximum faders and channels, high-resolution metering, and customizability. With M40, you can customize a surface with one MTM and up to 46 total modules, up to 64 faders, and up to 9 knobs per channel (plus two additional for Expand Zones). It also supports the Display Module and up to 8 simultaneous workstation connections.


For budget-conscious pros and small- to mid-size facilities. Choose the more affordable M10 for productions that need to fit into smaller rooms and budgets. With M10, you can customize a surface with one MTM and up to 14 total modules, up to 24 faders, and up to 5 knobs per channel (plus one additional for Expand Zones). It supports up to 2 simultaneous workstation connections (Display Module not supported).

Master modules—Command central

Master modules are the central hubs of your S6 surface. The S6 Automation Module complements the Master Touch Module, providing controls for transport, automation, and more. The other two are options to accelerate surround and post workflows.

S6 Automation Module S6 Joystick Module


Navigate and automate projects with ease. The Automation Module is included in all preconfigured systems, but is an optional add-on when building your own S6 M40-based surface (though you’ll probably want one). It features a full transport control section, including a shuttle/jog wheel. It also offers a focus fader, automation control, color shortcut displays and switches, a numeric keypad, and more for writing automation and navigating projects.


Get the control you need to mix surround sound projects. This option for all S6 surfaces offers dual touch-sensitive joysticks to position sound with precision. View current pan and joystick locations and other info on the 3.2-inch TFT and OLED displays. Control positioning, divergence, and more using the two LED top-lit encoders, 16 panning mode switches with color LEDs, and other panning control switches. Plus, it can be used to control any other knob parameter on S6 to create a wide range of effects.

S6 Post Module


Complete post projects faster. With this sound mixing/monitoring option for all S6 systems, you can switch between recorded tracks/stems and their inputs and punch into record. It offers two rows of 10 PEC/DIRECT paddles, each with solo and mute buttons and an OLED to view track/stem names. Spill stems onto adjacent paddles for individual control. Create Soft Keys to perform tasks instantly. Switch between monitors and dim, cut, or fold down your mix. And with VCA support on the paddles, you can control over 200 tracks with ease.

Channel modules—The controls you need

Channel modules provide the control and feedback elements you need to create your mix—from faders and knobs, to processing and metering. All modules feature reliable, high-speed Ethernet connectivity for easy set-up.

S6 Fader Module S6 Knob Module


Take control of track levels and more. This essential module features eight channel strips, each with a motorized fader, dual LED meters (with gain reduction metering), attention key, and mute, solo, select, automation,and other switches with color LEDs. Install up to eight Fader Modules in an M40 surface or up to three in an M10.


Adjust and edit a variety of parameters. This essential module provides eight channel strips, each with four multicolor top-lit knobs paired with an OLED display for visual feedback, plus navigation switches. Each knob section also offers insert and select switches per channel with color status LEDs. Stack up to two Knob Module rows on an M40 surface or a single row on M10.

S6 Process Module S6 Display Module


This essential module works in conjunction with the Knob Module, enabling you to assign functions to any knob. It provides eight channel strips, each with an OLED display and top-lit knob to complement your Knob Module control. Assign functions using dedicated select switches for pan, inputs, EQ, dynamics, sends, and more. And expand or “spill” parameters across multiple controls on any Knob or Process Module.


Get incredible visual insight into your mix. This optional module for M40 based surfaces displays detailed information and feedback, including channel names, audio meters, routing, groups, DAW affiliation, scrolling Pro Tools waveforms, and more. It features an 8-channel high-resolution TFT display and integrated single board computer. You can even change the display layout to suit your visual preferences, or turn it into a Master Meter Module to keep all Master and Bus tracks visible at all times.

Frame components—For desk or freestanding mixing


All modules need to be housed in a frame, whether you place S6 on a studio desk or give it a leg assembly to stand on. Depending on the number of modules you choose, your surface can range from mid- to large-format. There are a number of frame assembly items available, from a full leg assembly to create a freestanding surface, to different size frame buckets and blank panels.

Surface options—Ergonomic extras to personalize your desk

Blank Panel

Cover empty module spaces with a smooth surface.

Sliding Keyboard Tray

Get hands-on with your computer keyboard wherever you’re sitting.

Display VESA Arm

Mount your computer monitor (DAW display) on the surface with an adjustable arm.

Sliding Script Tray

Keep pen, paper, and your personal devices within easy reach.

Producer’s Desk

Integrate a keyboard and monitor display directly into your control surface.

Speaker Bridge Mount

Place speakers in an optimal listening position over your S6 frame.

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