Pro Tools | Satellite Link


Save thousands of dollars by eliminating the need for expensive synchronizers. With Satellite Link, you can control up to 12 Pro Tools | HD systems from a single transport over a simple Ethernet network. And now Satellite Link is included with Pro Tools | HD 11 and higher software.

Satellite Link also integrates with Video Satellite workflows, enabling you to control a Media Composer with Video Satellite system and up to 11 Pro Tools | HD systems as one, with near sample-accurate lock*. It's the perfect solution for post-production and music environments with multiple operators and multiple Pro Tools | HD systems.

* A SYNC HD interface resolved to "blackburst" is required on each Pro Tools | HD system for near-sample accurate lock.

Product Highlights

  • Single transport control
  • Multi-master transport
  • Video integration
  • Solo-link
  • Easy engagement
  • Save time and money
  • Sync up to 12 Pro Tools | HD systems together, with loop playback and half-speed mode support.
  • Control all transport functions from any linked system.
  • Supports Video Satellite (sold separately) to bridge workflows with video teams.
  • Enable linked systems to function as a single mixer for multi-operator mixing.
  • Easily take systems on or offline with visual "chicklets" in the transport window.
  • Eliminate the need for costly external synchronizers, streamlining your workflow.

System Requirements

  • Avid-qualified Pro Tools | HD system (see details)
  • SYNC HD interface for near sample-accurate lock
  • iLok USB Key (for authorization)

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