Key Benefits


Boost newsroom efficiency

In the news business, every second counts. With a more streamlined and integrated story-centric workflow, you can be the first to deliver breaking news across multiple outlets—without changing your existing infrastructure.

Get access to more content

Find and access content across all accessible media databases in your organization, as well as across social channels, to tell a story in multiple ways. By presenting local angles and differing viewpoints, you can make it personal and keep viewers tuned in—no matter how they view.

Captivate larger audiences

Increase viewer engagement by interacting with global audiences on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms and collect, filter, moderate, and air their posted content in your stories.

Improve your news coverage

Manage talent and resources more efficiently in your newsroom, assigning work based on story topics and different angles so you always have the right people and gear for the job.

Collaborate and contribute remotely

Enable journalists and reporters to create and deliver stories more quickly from the field and share content with other teams.

Communicate more effectively

Keep your news teams connected and informed on the latest story developments—no matter where they are.

Automate delivery across multiple platforms

Create a story once—or update an unfolding story—and deliver it quickly to multiple destinations for viewing on air, on social media (such as Facebook and Twitter), on your station’s website, and through mobile apps.

Increase your ROI

Get even more value from your existing infrastructure as the story-centric workflow continues to evolve and extend across more products and partner integrations in the future.

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