The Workflow and Its Components

MediaCentral | UX is the hub and catalyst in this expanded story-centric workflow. If you already have an iNEWS and/or Interplay | Production system, you can now manage every facet of a news story from a single user interface. Here’s a closer look at the workflow and the components involved…

Assign and manage stories

Get a jump on breaking news with the new Assignments pane in MediaCentral | UX. This virtual assignments desk enables you to assign teams, resources, topics, and destinations to a story. All assignments can then be easily searched for, filtered, updated, and managed throughout the story’s evolution.

Build your story

Gather and associate graphics, video, text, tweets, social media posts, and other potential story-building content in the Elements area of the Assignments pane, a new collaborative workspace in MediaCentral | UX. And when using Avid NEXIS, it’s easy to pool and manage all of your assets together, enabling teams to collaborate to create multiple versions of a story.

Sync stories across newsrooms

With richer metadata tagging in MediaCentral | UX, you can now associate categories, topics, and tags to a story to enable better content searching and management across all accessible local and remote databases.

Keep track of schedules

Easily see what’s scheduled in every story throughout the day, coming soon in MediaCentral | UX.

Find out what others have to say

Enhance stories and seek different points of view by retrieving, modifying, and filtering incoming feeds. Integrate content from Social Media Hub,, and other solutions and partner integrations, while filtering out the noise of social media to get to the real story of what’s trending.

Share the viewpoints of others

Visually highlight or validate what others are talking about and sharing on social media in your on-air broadcast. In MediaCentral | UX, simply aggregate Twitter and Facebook content from Social Media Hub, then use the new Maestro pane, which integrates directly with Maestro, to turn the best social media postings into on-air graphics. All from one interface.

Go to where the story is

Enable journalists and news producers to remotely access online and archived footage, scripts, and information back at the station or network to contribute from the field. And empower teams to shoot, write, edit, and deliver complete multimedia-rich stories from any location in the world using MediaCentral | UX, Media Composer | Ultimate, and Media Composer | Cloud.

Share your story everywhere

MediaCentral | UX now offers direct integration with Media | Distribute, making it easy to deliver a single story across multiple formats. Create a story once and use it for your on-air newscasts, on your website, through your mobile app, or across a variety of social media platforms.

Broadcast up-to-the-minute graphics

With the new Maestro pane in MediaCentral | UX, you can drag and drop clips and images—as well as add descriptive text—directly into Maestro templates. This makes it quick and easy to create and update real-time graphics to make your story stand out on air.

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