Avid VENUE | AI16 Analog Input Card


Get a spare or replacement analog input card for your SC48 console, Mix Rack System, or Stage 48 remote I/O box. The AI16 (Analog Input 16) Card provides 16 channels of software-controlled, fully recallable analog mic/line inputs through XLR connectors. Both SC48 and Mix Rack come standard with the maximum three AI16 Cards, giving you a total of 48 analog mic/line input channels. This option provides you with a spare or replacement module.


  • 16 analog outputs
    Send up to 16 channels of analog line-level outputs through XLR3-male connectors.
  • Phantom power

    Provides 48 volts of power for microphones (selectable per channel using Avid VENUE software)

  • Pad

    Reduce the input gain 20 dB to take down hotter signals (selectable per channel in Avid VENUE software)

  • Gain control

    Adjust gain levels in 0.1 dB steps (selectable per channel in Avid VENUE software)

  • Polarity invert

    Minimize phase issues with complex miking to get better sound (selectable per channel in Avid VENUE software)

System requirements

One of the following:
Avid VENUE | SC48 console
Stage 48 remote I/O box
Avid VENUE | Mix Rack System


Connector (x16)
XLR3-F, balanced 
Gain +10 dB to +60 dB (6 dB analog steps, with 0.1 dB digital increments
and crossfade at analog relay switch point) 
Maximum Input Level +32 dBu (pad ON) 
Pad 20 dB 
Input Impedance
Pad OFF: 5.5k Ohm balanced; pad ON: 3.8k Ohm balanced 
Phantom Power +48 V
EIN -126 dBu (maximum gain, 150 Ohm source, 22 Hz – 20 kHz BW, unweighted) 
THD + N 0.003% (minimum gain, pad OFF, -1 dBFS output, 20 Hz – 20 kHz BW)
A/D Converter Latency 0.25 ms (Fs = 48 kHz) 

All measurements at Fs = 48 kHz, with 150 Ohm source impedance and 600 Ohm load impedance, unless otherwise specified

0 dBu = 0.775 Vrms


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