Avid VENUE | AT16 A-Net Output Card


Enable artists, musicians, and other performers to control their own monitor mixes. The AT16 A-Net Output Card is an option for the Avid VENUE | SC48 console, Mix Rack System, or Stage 48 remote I/O box that enables you to integrate Aviom Pro16 Series personal mixers and devices. Transmit up to 16 channels of audio from your console to an unlimited number of Aviom personal mixer stations for complete artist-controlled mixing.

You can use up to two AT16 cards with a Mix Rack System to create multiple, discrete 16-channel networks. Or install a single card with an SC48 console or Stage 48 remote I/O box.


  • Aviom Pro16-ready

    Transmit up to 16 channels of 24-bit, 48 kHz audio to an unlimited number of Aviom Pro16 Series devices using a single inexpensive Cat5e cable

  • Full A-Net control

    Control all A-Net parameters, including channel linking and Test mode, through tight integration with Avid VENUE software

  • Unique Auto Link

    Automatically link channel pairs across all personal mixers—no fussing with screwdrivers or tiny DIP switches

  • Unprecedented visual feedback

    With 16 signal presence LEDs, you get instant visual verification about the status of every channel, including if a channel is muted or in Test mode

  • Monitoring flexibility

    Create multiple, discrete 16-channel networks for your monitoring needs, such as setting up one for the band, another for broadcast, and a third for remote distribution

  • Reliable connectivity

    Avoid accidental disconnects with the locking Neutrik EtherCon jack, which accepts a conventional or ruggedized RJ45 connector

System requirements

One of the following:
Avid VENUE | SC48 console
Stage 48 remote I/O box
Avid VENUE | Mix Rack System

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