Avid VENUE | ECx Ethernet Card


Control your Profile or D-Show System remotely over a wired or wireless Ethernet network. With the ECx Ethernet Option Card, you can use a Mac or Windows-based laptop or desktop computer to remotely control all console and Avid VENUE software functions from practically anywhere inside—or outside—the venue. All current Avid VENUE systems now include an ECx Ethernet card/port as standard. However, if you have an older FOH Rack-based Avid VENUE system without one, this card is easy to add.


  • Total remote control

    Take control of any Profile or D-Show System using a Mac or Windows-based computer, such as a laptop or Tablet PC

  • Same Avid VENUE access

    Control and interact with your mix using an exact duplication of the Avid VENUE software interface through your remote computer

  • Go wired or wireless

    Control your Avid VENUE system either through an Ethernet cable or over a wireless network (802.11g or pre-N devices recommended)

System requirements

One of the following FOH Rack-based systems: 
 Avid VENUE | Profile System
 Avid VENUE | D-Show System