Avid VENUE | HDx Option Card


Integrate Pro Tools | HD recording and playback directly into your Avid VENUE workflow. The HDx Option Card is designed for Profile, D-Show, and Mix Rack systems. With it, you can record and play back up to 128 channels of audio through your Pro Tools | HDX, Pro Tools | HD Native, Pro Tools | HD, or Pro Tools | HD Accel system—no Pro Tools | HD audio interfaces required.

Record and archive live performances using your system as the audio interface. Play back prerecorded Pro Tools tracks alongside your live inputs. And perform Virtual Soundchecks—a timesaving process that enables you to use a previous show’s recordings instead of live inputs to get started with your mix—without requiring the presence of the performers.


  • No audio interface required

    The HDx Option Card acts as a direct digital connection (24-bit/48 kHz), bridging the workflow between your Avid VENUE system and a computer with Pro Tools | HDX, Pro Tools | HD Native, or Pro Tools | HD cards installed

  • Get up to 128 tracks

    Record and play back up to 128 channels of audio by installing two HDx cards in a Profile or D-Show System. Or record and play back up to 64 channels with a single card

  • Easy installation

    Simply snap the card into place in any open expansion slot in your FOH Rack or Mix Rack, secure it with two screws, and attach the ribbon cable

  • DigiLink connectivity

    Simply connect your Pro Tools | HD system to the installed card(s) (cable sold separately) and you’re ready to rock

System requirements

One of the following systems: 
Avid VENUE | Profile System
Avid VENUE | D-Show System
Avid VENUE | Mix Rack System
A Pro Tools | HDX, Pro Tools | HD Native, Pro Tools | HD (TDM), or Pro Tools | HD Accel system running Pro Tools | HD 6.9 or higher software
Two DigiLink cables (sold separately) per Avid VENUE | HDx Option Card
For two HDx Option Cards: A second Avid VENUE | FOH Rack Snake Card is required to provide system clock

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