Avid VENUE | IO16 Option Card


Got an SC48 console or SC48 Remote System? Greatly enhance your mixing and routing possibilities by connecting your favorite outboard gear using the IO16 Option Card. The card features both analog and digital inputs and outputs, making it easy to integrate your prized compressor and EQ, effects processors, digital music player, and other hardware.

Ideal for corporate AV events, concert sound, and houses of worship, Avid VENUE with IO16 gives you the best of both worlds. Enjoy Avid VENUE's wide array of coveted, studio-standard plugins "in the box." Plus, get the flexibility to connect outboard processors and sound sources as needed.


  • Analog I/O

    Get 8 analog line inputs and 8 analog line outputs through pairs of 1/4-inch female TRS connectors

  • Digital I/O

    Get 8 channels of AES digital inputs and 8 channels of AES digital outputs through XLR connectors

  • Flexible connectivity

    Use all analog and digital I/O discretely to connect recording and playback devices, or as hardware insert points to connect to outboard gear

  • Auto SRC

    Get fuss-free operation with automatic sample rate conversion (SRC) on all digital inputs, eliminating the need for a separate Word Clock when connecting digital devices

  • Easy routing

    IO16 tightly integrates with Avid VENUE software, so you can manage and route audio quickly using the software patchbay

System requirements

One of the following systems: 
Avid VENUE | SC48
Avid VENUE | SC48 Remote System


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