Take remote control of any monitor mix

Venue Onstage Remote Conrol Mixes

VENUE | On-Stage enables you to tap into your VENUE | S6L or S3L-X system using an iOS device, select any Aux monitor or Mains mix, and remotely control the levels and pans of all channel members feeding into it, as well as the master level. From anywhere in the performance venue. It’s ideal for adjusting and fine-tuning monitors while in the actual stage areas in which they’ll be heard.

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Give performers control of their own mixes

Venue Onstage Preformers Control Mixes

VENUE | On-Stage is readily accessible, enabling artists and musicians to download the free app from the App Store and turn their iOS device into their own personal mixer that they can control. Once the desired channels are routed to a performer’s Aux monitor mix, they can control volume levels and adjust pans from the Mix screen. Up to 16 simultaneous users can connect to a single VENUE system, making On-Stage a fast and easy way to provide personal monitor mixing capabilities at zero cost.

Get easy operation and visual feedback

Venue Onstage Feedback

Whether you’re the engineer or a performer, dialing in the perfect mix couldn’t be easier. Drag faders to adjust the Master or channel member volumes. Gauge levels with meters on every channel. Swipe channels left or right to see more members. Tap any pan knob to open its focus window and drag left or right to pan. For channels feeding stereo Auxes, you can control both Width and Balance. You can also mute the Aux or Mains Master when quiet time is needed.

Get super simple set-up

Simple Setup Venue Onstage

No need to patch anything in. VENUE | On-Stage works wirelessly across your VENUE system’s Wi-Fi network. Simply launch the app on your device, select the VENUE system to which you wish to connect, tap the mix you wish to work on from the Select Mix screen, and then adjust the channel settings in the Mix screen to your heart’s—and ears’—content.

Work with your choice of iOS devices

Venue Onstage Device of Choice

VENUE | On-Stage works with all iOS 10 and iOS 11-compatible Apple devices. This includes iPhones, from the iPhone 5 to the latest iPhone X; iPads, including iPad Pro, iPad Air, and iPad mini models; and iPod touch 6th generation.

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