Avid VENUE | Personal Q


Achieve the best monitor mixes possible so artists can deliver their greatest performances. The Personal Q (PQ) system enables both artist and engineer to work in tandem on a common, blended mix, delivering the highest level of audio quality and flexibility in personal monitoring.

Designed for use with Profile or D-Show Systems, the PQ system enables artists to remotely control their own individual stereo monitor mixes. And should they need assistance, the engineer can easily access any personal mix through Avid VENUE software.


  • Completely integrated system
  • Four rotary encoders
  • True tandem control
  • Master volume with call button
  • Easy setup
  • Plays well with others
  • Your Personal Q system includes 1–8 PQ Controllers for artists to control their personal mixes, and a PQ Rack to which all of the controllers and your Avid VENUE system connect. Get full details.

  • Mix up to 12 inputs per PQ Controller, using rotary controls with LED rings and displays that enable you to easily adjust levels, pan, solo, and metering.

  • Unlike single-ended systems that only route signals to the artist for mixing and monitoring, the PQ system enables the engineer to evaluate the artist’s remote mix from his or her mix location.

  • Adjust the overall volume of your personal mix with the Master Volume knob. If you need assistance, press the knob to send an alert to the engineer’s console.

  • Store all artist-created PQ Controller settings and signal sources in Avid VENUE software snapshots for instant recall at any time.

  • Use PQ alongside Aviom Pro16 Series devices (with the ANO A-Net Output Card option installed) for expanded personal monitoring. 

System requirements

One of the following Stage Rack-based systems:
Avid VENUE | Profile System
Avid VENUE | D-Show System


Rack Spaces  1U
Weight  4.6 lbs (2.1 kg)
Maximum PQ Link Cable Length  15 ft (4.6 m) to Stage Rack

Weight  3.3 lbs (1.5 kg)
Maximum PQ Link Cable Length  100 ft (30.48 m) to PQ Rack

Although Personal Q (PQ) matrix outputs can be set up in Avid VENUE software and used with Avid live sound systems configured with either a FOH Rack and Stage Rack, or a Mix Rack, PQ Rack and PQ Controllers are only compatible with FOH Rack and Stage Rack systems.



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