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S6L Waves SoundGrid Integration Series

Get a deep dive using S6L live system with Waves SoundGrid servers

S6L Real Time Workflows

Robert Scovill shares a wide range of his key S6L workflows

S6L Control Surface Workflows Series

Discover all the key Avid VENUE | S6L control surface workflows

VENUE Input Sharing and Gain Tracking

Learn how S6L’s True Gain technology works for I/O sharing between systems and Pro Tools recording/playback

Installing and Activating Avid VENUE Software

Step-by-step instructions to get S6L software installed and authorized

Creating System Restore Keys

Step-by-step instructions for creating a System Restore Key

Moving from Profile to S6L

Moving from Profile to S6L: 1. Showfile Transfer

Learn how to migrate your legacy VENUE showfile to S6L

Moving from Profile to S6L: 2. System

This video outlines the differences in setting up inputs and outputs on Profile vs. S6L systems

Moving from Profile to S6L: 3. Patchbay

This video offers an overview of the S6L Patchbay interface

Moving from Profile to S6L: 4. Banking

Discover how S6L builds upon the banking functionality of Profile and adds several new features

Moving from Profile to S6L: 5. Inputs

This video compares the input sections of Profile vs. S6L

Moving from Profile to S6L: 6. Busses

Learn how Aux Sends workflows compare between Profile and S6L

Moving from Profile to S6L: 7. EQ

This video compares the EQ sections of Profile vs. S6L

Moving from Profile to S6L: 8. Dynamics

Discover how the dynamics sections of Profile and S6L differ

Moving from Profile to S6L: 9. Plugins

This video compares how you operate the on-board plugins on Profile vs. S6L

Moving from Profile to S6L: 10. Matrix

Learn how the matrix architecture in Profile compares to S6L


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