Why Move Up to S6L?

Since its introduction in 2007, Avid VENUE | Profile quickly became the festival standard and most requested live mixing console for concert sound. Now VENUE | S6L is fast replacing Profile as the console of choice for sound companies around the world. Make the switch today and discover how its unmatched processing power, superior sound quality, and I/O support will boost your mixing capabilities at every stage.

  • Enjoy the same familiar VENUE workflows with full show file compatibility
  • Get 2x more inputs and outputs to handle the largest ensembles and productions
  • Mix bigger, more complex shows with over 300 processing channels
  • Present better sounding mixes with pristine 96 kHz sound quality
  • Get creative with onboard AAX DSP plugins, plus the deepest Waves SoundGrid integration of any system
  • Enjoy enhanced Pro Tools recording and Virtual Soundcheck workflows over Ethernet AVB
  • Scale a system up or down with 100% hardware, software, and show file compatibility between all components

Compare systems

Profile S6L
Input processing channels 128 Up to 192
Busses 24 Up to 96
Matrixes 16 (8 mono + 8 stereo) Up to 24 (mono and/or stereo)
Plugin slots 100 200
Pro Tools recording/playback Up to 32 channels via FireWire or up to 128 channels with two VENUE | HDx cards (requires a Pro Tools | HD system) Up to 128 channels via Ethernet AVB (no interface required) or get up to 256 channels via Pro Tools | HD MADI
Sample rate 48 kHz 96 kHz

Ready to make the move?

Get familiar with S6L

S6L is the house console slated for many festivals. If you’re a mixer who comes across a system this summer, check out these videos to get up and running fast.

Moving from Profile to S6L

Moving from Profile to S6L: 1. Showfile Transfer

Learn how to migrate your legacy VENUE showfile to S6L

Moving from Profile to S6L: 2. System

This video outlines the differences in setting up inputs and outputs on Profile vs. S6L systems

Moving from Profile to S6L: 3. Patchbay

This video offers an overview of the S6L Patchbay interface

Moving from Profile to S6L: 4. Banking

Discover how S6L builds upon the banking functionality of Profile and adds several new features

Moving from Profile to S6L: 5. Inputs

This video compares the input sections of Profile vs. S6L

Moving from Profile to S6L: 6. Busses

Learn how Aux Sends workflows compare between Profile and S6L

Moving from Profile to S6L: 7. EQ

This video compares the EQ sections of Profile vs. S6L

Moving from Profile to S6L: 8. Dynamics

Discover how the dynamics sections of Profile and S6L differ

Moving from Profile to S6L: 9. Plugins

This video compares how you operate the on-board plugins on Profile vs. S6L

Moving from Profile to S6L: 10. Matrix

Learn how the matrix architecture in Profile compares to S6L

Waves Soundgrid

S6L Waves SoundGrid Integration Series

Get a deep dive using S6L live system with Waves SoundGrid servers

Black Sabbath videos

Mixing Black Sabbath's The End Tour with VENUE | S6L

Harley Zinker story

Mixing Interpol, Young the Giant, and Yeah Yeah Yeahs on S6L

Sully Sullivan story

How the next stage in live sound was used to mix the Red Hot Chili Peppers' World Tour