Powerful map creation toolset

WorldMapper is a “story creation” map application that makes it easy to transform daily news easily into exciting map-centric sequences that captivate audiences. You can seamlessly integrate WorldMapper into your newsroom using the Avid Maestro | News or MediaCentral. WorldMapper supports all standard video formats used by TV broadcasters worldwide"

Product Highlights

  • Access a global map database

    WorldMapper is based on Microsoft’s powerful Bing™ search engine, NASA’s Blue Marble mapping services, and Open Street Maps. WorldMapper also includes a library of all national and interstate borders, so political information can be integrated quickly and easily.
  • Create and collaborate with ease

    Create map sequences directly from Maestro | News or in MediaCentral and save them to MediaCentral | Production for anyone with access. Once saved, journalists can edit the maps in a MediaCentral timeline, and editors can use them in Media Composer or as a video in a Maestro graphics template.
  • Get flexible configuration

    WorldMapper can be used as a standalone application as well as a client-server, and up to five clients can be connected simultaneously. If the workflow contains more than one WorldMapper, content can be centralized by sharing a common database.



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