Transform daily news into exciting maps

Maps customization

By using a simple and intuitive editor, you can modify the appearance of the map according to your needs—from one-color flat maps to multi-colored 3D globe maps. All the different map layouts can be saved for later use.

Powerful graphic enhancements

Tracks and routes in the form of flights or trips are visualized clearly with many types of object animations. The magnifying glass brings high-resolution street level maps while the “Bird's Eye View” feature provides impressive 45-degree site visuals without leaving the overview position of the map. The Mini Map locator maintains the overview even when the visualization dives deep into the map. Previously used location data can be stored in a bookmark library and found easily for later use.

Highlighting geographical locations

WorldMapper comes with a library of all national and interstate borders, allowing you to integrate political information quickly and easily. Countries and regions can be colored for greater emphasis. The map’s color and outlines may be adapted to the layout concept. WorldMapper enables you to edit both the look and the content of the depicted countries' borders—when visualizing shifts in ownership claims, for example. The edited border is saved as a copy so that the original can still be accessed.

Integrated workflow

Wide range of output formats

WorldMapper's strong video encoding engine allows you to choose the desired video format, the codec, clip size, bitrate, aspect ratio, and more. WorldMapper even enables you to customize the codec configuration.

Interactivity support

WorldMapper helps you create flights for interactive presentations on a touch screen, and navigates online through high-resolution maps. In addition, news anchors can use WorldMapper to present created sequences interactively on a touch screen. With the multi-touch standard and an optimized user interface, every map can be accessed quickly and intuitively on the screen. The interactivity enables the presenter to zoom with two fingers, stop an animation at any place, assign a story to a geographical location, or visit the relevant scenes. Function editors can be positioned anywhere on the screen to help highlight countries, add objects, or return to earlier positions.

Integration with newsrooms

Journalists are required to do more than just write stories—they also need to use graphics and maps to enrich the storytelling. WorldMapper’s newsroom integration with the Maestro NewsProducer plugin allows journalists to easily create maps to accompany the story by themselves.

Repurpose graphic templates

WorldMapper can be used as a client-server, enabling fast and easy creation of final map clips directly within the graphic templates. The WorldMapper browser is embedded into the playout controller and its NewsProducer plugin, providing a set of tools to create map clips based on previously created templates. Up to five clients can be connected simultaneously to a single WorldMapper server. In the case where the workflow contains more than one WorldMapper—for example, first as designer station and second as a server—they can share a common database to centralize all content.

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