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Harness the power of extended platform solutions

Combining thought leadership, research, engineering, and architectural expertise, Avid Labs provides extended platform solutions that will enable you to meet and solve your unique business challenges.

Whether you want to integrate third-party products into your workflow, solve issues that require something beyond a standard solution, or you need a feature that doesn’t currently exist, Avid Labs can create a custom solution designed just for you for a wide range of technology challenges.

Take a look at our packages below.

AirSpeed Live Feed Ingest for Interplay | MAM

Speed media availability

For today’s global media enterprises, it’s essential to make ingested media available quickly and efficiently—across the entire organization. Our AirSpeed Live Feed Ingest for Interplay | MAM package allows you to simultaneously ingest hi-res media into Interplay | Production and low-res media into Interplay | MAM systems, so you can make media rapidly available wherever it’s needed.

What’s included in the package?

  • Interplay | MAM software kit to enable Interplay | MAM ingest of AirSpeed generated H.264 proxy media
  • Service days for the commissioning and workflow consultation required to implement the solution within your existing Interplay | MAM infrastructure

Connectivity Toolkit Starter

Accelerate technology adoption

As a global media enterprise, it’s essential to stay on the cutting-edge of rapidly evolving technology. With the Avid MediaCentral platform and developer.avid.com, you have the building blocks to accelerate the pace of your organization’s technology adoption as well as the flexibility to customize your media operations to meet the unique needs of your enterprise.

A Connectivity Toolkit Starter engagement with the highly skilled architects and engineers of Avid Labs enables you to take full advantage of the MediaCentral Platform—and provides a foundation upon which to build your media operations infrastructure of tomorrow. We will evaluate your development plans and architecture, and then provide specific recommendations that speed your development cycle, create efficient and integrated workflows—and ultimately allow you to increase your ROI from each of your individual development projects.

  • Increase the development speed of your projects
  • Ensure the full benefit of Connectivity Toolkit flexibility
  • Increase ROI from your development investment

Custom-Made Solutions

Meet your unique needs

When your needs or challenges are more complex, even the most advanced systems don’t always do what you need them to do right out of the box. With Avid Labs, you get a group of highly skilled architects and engineers working directly with you to custom develop a solution based around the Avid MediaCentral platform and developer.avid.com.

Whether you want to integrate third-party products into your workflow, solve issues that require a custom solution, or you need a feature that doesn’t currently exist, Avid Labs can analyze, scope, design, and develop custom solutions for a wide range of technology needs—no matter how challenging.

  • Get a custom solution that meets your specific technical requirements, business needs, and budget
  • Streamline and accelerate your production processes
  • Ensure the stability and functionality of your workflow

Data Migration

Leverage your assets

Before you begin implementing a new media production system, you need to have a solid plan in place for migrating all of your existing assets and material. Avid Labs Data Migration is a versatile solution that makes it easy to migrate both media and metadata from your existing production environment into Interplay | Production.

The Data Migration solution performs the migration in three steps, starting with full metadata migration. In this step, configurable options allow for attribute mapping—including custom attributes and time-based keywords contained in your existing system. In the second step, all media located on your existing servers will be migrated into Interplay | Production and rewrapped into a compatible format. And in the third step, all material located in any tape archives you may have will be migrated.

  • Get easy and automated migration using a standalone toolkit
  • Prioritize any media that is needed immediately for production
  • Maintain all of your existing metadata

Interplay | Production-Analytics

Make informed production decisions

With increasing challenges of networked media production environments, and the rapid increase in stored data across a rising number of systems, performing detailed data analysis is a critical requirement. That’s why Avid Labs designed an effective reporting solution for Interplay | Production. While current Interplay systems provide some components that can be used for data analysis, the new Interplay | Production-Analytics solution aims to benefit the vast majority of Interplay | Production customers.

Interplay | Production-Analytics features a dedicated data-mining database and a set of predefined reports. The data pulled from Interplay | Production is stored in a Microsoft SQL Server database and processed by SQL Server Reporting Services. It is also possible to customize reports utilizing external business intelligence solutions such as Tableau or Chartio.

  • Experience seamless integration with Interplay | Production
  • Use standard APIs that are open to the public
  • Get reliable data with state-of-the-art, service-oriented architecture

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