Yesterday, remote work was a nice-to-have; today, it’s essential. Avid is providing these resources to help media production teams affected by the coronavirus transition to remote workflows.

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Advice & Opinion

How to Move Media Production to Remote Workflows
How to Move Media Production to Remote Workflows

Here’s what production teams need to know about standing up remote workflows in the short term and transitioning to a cloud-based model in the long term.

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Remote, Virtualized, Cloud—Huh?! Making Sense of Remote Solutions for Media Production

Remote collaboration options aren’t one-size-fits-all. This straightforward guide to the different types of solutions will help you make the best decision for your needs.

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Protecting Media Production Against Disruption: Business Continuity in a Post-Coronavirus World

Why was the industry unprepared for this crisis—and what can we learn from it? Avid CTO Tim Claman shares his perspective on mitigating future risk.

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How Will the Media and Entertainment Industry Change Post-Coronavirus?

Avid’s Chief Revenue Officer Tom Cordiner shares predictions for how the media and entertainment industry will evolve as we emerge from the coronavirus crisis.

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Success Stories

Brown-Bear-Remote-Audio-PostBrown Bear Leads the Way on Remote Audio Post Production

Brown Bear Audio shares how they provide full-scale audio post-production services in a completely remote environment.

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Man with three computer monitors using Media ComposerOpus Post’s Advice for Getting Remote Editing Right

Opus Post’s decision to invest in remote editing capabilities kept their post-production facility operational during coronavirus quarantines. Here’s their advice for fellow editors.

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Gorilla-Post-Remote-Post-ProductionGorilla TV Transitions to Remote Production

Using Edit on Demand, Gorilla rapidly spun up remote post-production operations during coronavirus quarantine.

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Remote News Production

Remote Solutions for News Production

Ofir Benovici, VP, Media Enterprise, shares how broadcasters are transitioning to remote and distributed workflows to stay on air during uncertain times.

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Remote Video Production

Remote Solutions for Video Editing and Post

Dave Colantuoni, VP, Product Management, shares how post-production teams are taking advantage of collaborative capabilities even when they can’t be in the facility.

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Remote Audio Production

Remote Solutions for Audio and Music Production

Tim Claman, CTO, shares how audio professionals are using cloud collaboration to continue production from their home studios.

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Remote Workflows in Action

Remote News Workflow Demo

Manage a Remote News Workflow From Your PC or Laptop

Avid’s Craig Wilson breaks down our remote news workflow using Cloud UX, iNews client, and Command.

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Remote-Broadcast Workflow Demo

Manage a Remote Broadcast Workflow From Your PC or Laptop

Avid’s Craig Wilson breaks down our remote broadcast workflow using Cloud UX and Media Composer.

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Access a Full Virtual Editing Environment From Your PC or Laptop

Avid’s Michael Krulik breaks down our post-production workflow using Edit on Demand.

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Our Commitment to Our Customers

Staying Productive and Safe Remote Work

Helping You Stay Productive and Safe, Wherever You’re Working

CEO Jeff Rosica shares how Team Avid is mobilizing to help you address the challenges of working remotely.

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Supporting Our Community with Customer Care Supporting Our Community with Customer Care

Kathy-Anne McManus, Chief Customer Experience Officer, outlines how our Customer Care organization is pivoting to adapt to evolving customer needs.

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Remote Access Guides

Remote Access Guides

If you’re already an Avid customer, many of the products you already use have options for remote access and collaboration. These guides outline the features and provide implementation advice.

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