MARCH 21, 2022

Avid NEXIS | EDGE Proxy Workflows: What’s New and Why it Matters

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Avid NEXIS | EDGE is a new collaborative media workflow solution for editors and post-production teams. At its center is a groundbreaking new proxy workflow that enables Media Composer | Enterprise editors to work from anywhere with the same media access, workflow, and user experience as if they were working at the facility.

It does this by leveraging Avid NEXIS storage to provide security that rivals being on-premises, enabling you to create proxy media and easily select between the high-res or proxy versions right in your Media Composer | Enterprise timeline. This makes it easy to switch from working on-premises to working remotely—and puts an end to manual relinking.

Because Avid NEXIS | EDGE can communicate with unused computers at your facility using Media Composer | Distributed Processing—even when you’re far away—proxy creation, rendering, and other processor-intensive tasks can be offloaded to them, saving you time while freeing up Media Composer, so you can keep working.

How does this new proxy workflow in Avid NEXIS | EDGE differ from previous Avid and other proxy workflows? Get all the technical details in our “Reimagining the Possibilities of Proxy Workflows for Media Production” white paper.


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