MAY 15, 2023

Avid NEXIS | F2 SSD Wins Product of the Year at NAB 2023

Avid NEXIS | F2 SSD storage engine product photo with the NAB Show Product of the Year 2023 Winner badge

Demand for ultra-high-resolution content is growing faster now more than ever. This has dramatically increased pressure on post-production teams working in broadcast, TV, streaming, film, and other media to deliver projects faster while sharpening their competitive edge. To stay ahead of the curve, production teams need a storage engine that enables them to scale and collaborate on the most demanding editorial finishing, VFX, animation, color-grading, and DI workflows.

Our new Avid NEXIS | F2 SSD storage engine fortifies Avid’s vision for a completely new generation of shared storage that supports every step of every media workflow across all tiers of storage—from flash and online to nearline and archive. On-premises and in the cloud. And it builds on the proven Avid NEXIS storage platform used daily by thousands of media organizations around the world.

With its all-flash array, F2 SSD provides performance when you need it most to take on the complexity and unpredictability of today’s most demanding high-resolution workflows. It was also honored at this year’s NAB Show with the 2023 Product of the Year Award. Here’s a closer look at why this storage engine is the best solution for accelerating content turnaround and protecting your critical assets.

Powerful performance and protection

8K Ultra HD technology graphic

Let’s start with outstanding performance and media protection. With more than 6 GB/s bandwidth and its intelligent virtual file system, Avid NEXIS | F2 SSD tackles challenging workflows, enabling you and your team to collaborate editorially, finish 4K, 8K, and HDR content, and accelerate color grading, VFX, DI, and animation work. From dynamically reallocating storage capacity to optimizing bandwidth to meet constantly changing workloads, it provides the agility you need for 24x7 operation.

F2 SSD also provides reliable media protection that gives you flexibility for your needs. You have a choice of one- or two-disk protection per storage workspace, an optional redundant storage controller, dual 100Gbps Ethernet connections per controller, one or two optional hot spare media disks with automatic drive rebuild, redundant power and cooling modules, and mirrored internal system drives.

Thanks to its sheer speed, post-production teams have a clear competitive advantage that positively affects their company’s bottom line. By providing the storage capacity needed to deliver high-resolution content, F2 SSD not only gives production teams the collaborative performance that reduces time spent on projects, but they can take on more projects that will increase business revenue.

Works with any workflow

No need to change your tools. Avid NEXIS | F2 SSD is a scalable, cost-effective storage solution that works with a variety of creative tools from Avid, Adobe, Apple, Autodesk, Blackmagic Design, FilmLight, Grass Valley, and other media technology companies.

It integrates easily with all Avid NEXIS systems currently in use (both F-series and E-series engines). When used with Avid NEXIS online or nearline storage, F2 SSD administrators can seamlessly move a storage workspace between performance tiers, maintaining read and write access while the media is moving.

With the addition of Avid NEXIS | F2 SSD to the Avid NEXIS family, you now have even more options for configuring the ideal tiered storage solution to fit your unique media production workflows and needs.

Avid NEXIS shared storage family hardware product photo
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