SEPTEMBER 18, 2023

Avid | Stream IO features meet demands of today and tomorrow

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See our top 10 reasons why:

With the launch of Avid | Stream IO, you may be thinking, “Hey, I already have an Avid ingest and/or playout server, what is the difference with this one?” Or, you may have an ingest and playout solution from another provider and are looking for a handy guide to let you make an assessment of its capabilities. If that is you, then this is all the information you need to help join the dots.

There are some key differences between what Avid | Stream IO features deliver and the existing capabilities of Airspeed 5500, FastServe | Ingest, FastServe | Playout, FastServe | I/O and MediaCentral | Stream. Basically, it has all the goodness of what has gone before and much, much more.

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We spell it all out in this top 10 key facts about Avid | Stream IO.

  • Avid | Stream IO is software-based. Yes, that is right, it does not run on dedicated Avid hardware. It runs on either Dell or HP hardware which meets Avid-certified specifications, or it can run in a cloud instance.
  • Avid | Stream IO is only available through subscription offering a lower cost of entry and financial flexibility.
  • Avid | Stream IO is available through subscription so customers get all of the additional features delivered through new versions released throughout their subscription term, futureproofing their investment.
  • Avid | Stream IO performs not just simultaneous high-resolution ingest with a high- quality proxy but also OPAtom and OP1a ingest.
  • Avid | Stream IO is the perfect solution for MediaCentral environments with Avid | NEXIS shared storage, and also writes OP1a media to any storage platform if required.
  • Avid | Stream IO features were not previously available in either AirSpeed, FastServe or MediaCentral | Stream. This includes a single chassis for both Sony and Panasonic codecs, a standard file system CIFS Copy, OP1A and MP4 playback directly from a network mount, watch folder import, and NDI output in parallel to SDI output.
  • Avid | Stream IO inherits many great features from both Airspeed and FastServe models including four fully configurable channels, support for the most commonly used codecs and formats, an embedded Avid | NEXIS client, MediaCentral | Acquire and MediaCentral | Capture support plus third-party controllers support through VDCP and OCIP API.
  • Avid | Stream IO is a single server solution that inherits features unique to AirSpeed including FTP push and pull, a proxy stored on local server storage.
  • Avid | Stream IO licenses can be deployed in on-premises hardware and seamlessly transferred to the cloud when required.
  • Avid | Stream IO supports HD SDI workflows at launch, UHD workflows later in 2023, and compressed and uncompressed IP streams for ingest and playout in 2024.

So, there you have it, a concise guide to what Avid | Stream IO can do today, how it stacks up against Airspeed, the FastServe family of servers and MediaCentral | Stream. Why not find out more about how Avid | Stream IO can seamlessly fit into your workflows?

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