FEBRUARY 15, 2024

Avid virtual event features ingest and playout solutions

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See Avid’s latest ingest and playout innovations designed to meet the ever-evolving needs of changing workflows. Check out our ingest and playout virtual event addressing the challenges of transitioning from SDI to IP workflows, differing video formats, distribution channels, the role of remote workflows, enabling cloud capabilities, and more. Featuring Avid experts Daliah Naor, Director for Market Solutions, Craig Wilson, Product Evangelist for Video and Media, and Martin Appleton, Senior Manager for Graphics and Video Servers.

Avid ingest and playout solutions offer integration to meet both present and future needs of broadcasters, whether on-premises or in the cloud. Their emphasis on continuous updates, innovation, compliance with industry standards, and reliability ensures these solutions are aligned with tomorrow's business demands. Avid | Stream IO, the latest solution offering from Avid, is our next-generation software-based ingest and playout solution, especially notable for its ability to handle SDI, and in a future release, compressed and uncompressed IP streams.

Here’s a peek at some of the discussion in the ingest and playout virtual event:

Market Challenges and Trends

The virtual event explores challenges faced by the media industry, including the ongoing transition from SDI to IP. UHD, HDR, workflows are also discussed as it the importance of preserving SDI workflows while preparing for the inevitable shift to IP.

Flexibility and Integration

The importance of flexibility in handling various protocols, codecs, and channel counts is underscored. The panel highlights web-based interfaces enabling remote management of ingest and playout channels from anywhere. The seamless integration of SDI and IP further demonstrates their adaptability.

Remote Workflows and Web-Based Tools

Remote workflows have seen a significant acceleration in recent years. Avid’s web-based interfaces for direct control of servers, enables users to manage ingest and playout channels from anywhere. The flexibility of Avid's solutions, accommodating both SDI and IP, is further underscored.

Customer Concerns and Recommendations

Insights into customer concerns are provided, with an emphasis on the tailored approach needed for various deployments including the importance of cost implications, the deployability of Avid ingest and playout solutions in the cloud, and the recognition of some of the challenges of SDI in cloud-enabled environments.

Future Trends

Anticipated trends in the ingest and playout market including the ongoing transition to IP, integration of AI services, and the increasing evaluation of cloud capabilities are all in the spotlight.

Stay up to date with this comprehensive overview of the challenges and trends shaping the media industry. Avid's commitment to flexibility, innovation, and security, ensures broadcasters have the tools to navigate the ever-changing ingest and playout landscape.


Stay ahead with Avid’s ingest and playout innovations.


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