OCTOBER 19, 2023

Brutal Vegetables—the latest Pro Tools | Sonic Drop

Shot of Brutal Vegetables Sonic Drop sound pack

It’s spooky season, my favorite time of year. Last year, if you recall, I recorded the sounds of carving a pumpkin and then smashing more pumpkins with a sledgehammer and a baseball bat and made a video of the process.


It became very clear that a new tradition had been born and this year I had to up the ante that much further. Introducing the new Sonic Drop, Brutal Vegetables. Vegetables have long been used in film to mimic the sounds of guts and gore, especially in horror films, so what better time of the year to give you a pack entirely of brutalized vegetables.

The veggies of choice included carrots, iceberg lettuce, onions, peppers, and celery, which all gave different variations of crunches (think bones breaking and so on). I also bought a couple juicy squishy fruits like grapefruit and tomatoes—perfect for blood and guts.

To be frank, the sounds are wonderfully disgusting, and you can watch the recording of them in the video above which was done in collaboration with Ohma Microphones, as I used a stereo pair of their condensers to record the vegetable victims. It’s a very fun video that shows how wild the recording process can be.

Matt Lange brutalizing tomatoes

Like all Pro Tools | Sonic Drops, Brutal Vegetables is FREE with your active Pro Tools annual or monthly subscription or current perpetual license plan. Check the Sonic Drop tab in Avid Link (version 2023.3 or later) for a list of all the latest Sonic Drops. This is also where you can play audio samples and manage your content downloads. Watch this videoto learn more.

Happy Halloween!

  • Matt Lange

    Matt Lange is a multiplatinum artist, producer, DJ, and sound designer who recently joined the Avid team as Head of Audio Content.

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