OCTOBER 27, 2022

Pro Tools | Carbon Pre is NOW Available

PT Carbon Pre AES

Pick up your Pro Tools | Carbon Pre today! Now available at your favorite reseller, you can expand your studio with this powerful mic pre multi-tool.

AES 2022 was a HUGE success! So many musicians and engineers wanting to learn more and see the power of a Carbon Expanded system.

  • Expand Pro Tools | Carbon with up to two additional Carbon Pres
    • 32-bit float point from digital conversion all the way to analog conversion
    • Multiple AD Converters on each channel for more dynamic range and a lower noise floor
  • Leverage Carbon Pre as an 8-channel ADAT Mic preamp
    • Maintain Pro Tools Mic Pre control over ethernet
  • Utilize Carbon Pre as a standalone AD/DA converter
  • Can even be used as a standalone AVB Core Audio interface

Check out avid.com/carbon-pre for more information or Find a Reseller near you.

  • Corbin S6 BW

    Mark has over 20 years of professional audio experience in the New York City area and has been with Avid for over a decade. When he’s not in the studio or with his family, you might find him out in the woods… maybe.

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