JULY 20, 2021

AvidPlay Supports Distributing Dolby Atmos to Apple Music

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It's super exciting to announce that AvidPlay now supports distributing Dolby Atmos® tracks to Apple Music! Since August of 2020, independent artists, bands, producers, and labels have released over 800 Dolby Atmos tracks in a variety of genres to TIDAL and Amazon Music via AvidPlay, and now they can expand their reach to new audiences with the new support of Dolby Atmos on Apple Music. With more streaming services worldwide looking to stream Dolby Atmos music, AvidPlay will continue to be at the forefront in supporting them. And with no hidden fees, AvidPlay customers can automatically set their releases to distribute to future streaming services as they become available.

Another big benefit in distributing singles & albums to Apple Music from AvidPlay is maintaining the highest quality audio. With the ability to deliver 192kHz / 24bit audio to streaming outlets, Apple Music customers will always listen to your music in the most pristine quality with Apple's Lossless format.

Distributing Dolby Atmos tracks to Apple Music is easy

If you haven't released Dolby Atmos music before, follow these short easy steps…

First, purchase ($49.99 USD) an AvidPlay Dolby Atmos 1-year plan to distribute unlimited stereo and Dolby Atmos albums, singles, EPs and compilation albums for an artist or band, and then access the AvidPlay dashboard from the "Products" tab in the Avid Link app. Then, from the dashboard, press the "New Release" button at the top right.


You are now just a few steps away from distributing your Dolby Atmos music…

In the "Release Details" tab, follow the guided options starting from the left to right columns.

  1. Choose whether this is an album, single, compilation album or EP
  2. Choose if this is a release for Dolby Atmos music
  3. Select the Dolby Atmos supported outlets you wish to distribute, and if the stereo version of the track is already released
  4. Select or create the name of the label
  5. Enter the name of the single or album

2_Release Details

In the "Artwork" tab click to add your single or album artwork.

3_Artwork with image

In the "Stereo Track(s)" tab click to upload your stereo version for your single or album. You can add up to 20 tracks for an album and reorder them within this tab.

4_Stereo Track

In the "Dolby Atmos® Track(s)" tab, click to upload the ADM file(s) for your Dolby Atmos single or album.

5_Dolby Atmos Tab

In the "Track(s) Details" tab, fill out the required fields and add participants of the track without any extra costs.

  1. Select the genres that apply to the track
  2. If you have already released a stereo version of this track, you can fill in the original ISRC code to maintain all the statistics and playlistings
  3. (Optional) Add a feature artist, lyrics, and a preview sections of the track
  4. Choose as many participants with designated role(s) as you want and set the earnings split with them or just give them a credit

6_Track Details

And lastly, in the "Outlet Details" tab, choose the desired outlets you wish to distribute your music to. To make it easier for you, we have clearly marked the current outlets that support streaming Dolby Atmos music. In this tab, you can also ensure your music will always be released on new outlets that become available or support Dolby Atmos in the future.

Press "Distribute" and that is it! In 3-4 days, you will get a pre-save link to the release, and in at least 7 days, your music will be available on Apple Music or any other streaming service you choose.

7_Outlets Tab

I look forward to listening to your music in the future and hope you enjoy your experience using AvidPlay to distribute it!

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