APRIL 26, 2024

New: Dropbox Replay for Pro Tools: Share Files & Feedback

dropbox for protools
We’ve all been there. Gathering feedback for any creative project can be a daunting task. Luckily, our friends at Dropbox have developed an integration between Dropbox Replay and Pro Tools that simplifies the feedback collection and editing process significantly by allowing you to see feedback between collaborators at specified time codes. We previewed this revolutionary workflow at NAB 2024 with Dan and Cal during an ADR session. Watch or read on to explore this exciting new feature that transforms your collaborative process of sharing files and gathering feedback within Pro Tools.

Easily share media files with collaborators

Seamless collaboration in audio production often starts with the straightforward sharing of media files. Dropbox Replay complements Pro Tools by providing a shared space where large, complex files can be accessed quickly and securely. Instead of dealing with email threads, producers like Cal can bounce a movie file from Pro Tools and upload it to Dropbox Replay. Here, Dan can readily view the file, ensuring a quick and secure transfer process.

This efficient approach lays the groundwork for the feedback system, where precise, time-coded comments can streamline the post-production editing process.

Dropbox for PT

Streamline feedback exchange with time-coded notes

With Dropbox Replay's file-sharing efficiency as a foundation, the platform takes collaboration a step further by optimizing the feedback process. Collaborators like Dan can leave precise, time-coded comments directly on media files within Dropbox Replay, moving beyond the clutter of traditional feedback methods.

These detailed annotations are not mere comments—they are set to become an interactive part of Cal's Pro Tools session. Once he receives Dan's feedback, Cal can export the time-coded notes as track markers on his Pro Tools timeline. This sophisticated level of integration means that every piece of feedback is mapped exactly where it's needed, ready for action.

Make faster edits with comments on the Pro Tools timeline

The real transformation in the workflow occurs when Cal brings Dan's time-coded comments into Pro Tools. Here, each piece of feedback from Dropbox Replay becomes a track marker on the Pro Tools timeline—turning suggestions into actionable edit points.

As Cal reviews the track markers, he can quickly navigate to specific segments needing refinement. This one-to-one alignment of feedback with the project timeline not only accelerates the editing process but also ensures that Cal's edits are precise and faithful to Dan's input. It’s a leap forward in post-production, one that diminishes the usual back-and-forth and creates a more cohesive editing

Dropbox integration enabled by Pro Tools Scripting SDK

To create this feature, Dropbox utilized the Pro Tools Scripting SDK to integrate their rich media review and approval tool that gives audio engineers, musicians, film composers, and video editors more simple ways to manage feedback.

Andy Wilson Senior Director, New Product Solutions at Dropbox, shares: "Working with the Pro Tools team, and building on the Scripting SDK has been a great experience. The Replay and Pro Tools teams care deeply about helping audio creators to create the best output. Together we are really excited to help speed up content review and sign-off”

With the Pro Tools Scripting SDK, high-end facilities and application developers can automate repetitive tasks or create whole new workflows. The Pro Tools Scripting SDK is completely free and provides developers with helpful resources to get up and running quickly—sign up at developer.avid.com/scripting.

Get started with Dropbox Replay for Pro Tools

Adopting Dropbox Replay for your Pro Tools projects marks a significant upgrade in audio production workflows. It enhances the efficiency of sharing, feedback, and editing, reducing errors and saving time. Download Dropbox Replay today and seamlessly merge your file sharing and feedback workflows with Pro Tools. Once downloaded, follow the guide to get started: How to Use Dropbox Replay with Pro Tools.

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