JANUARY 26, 2023

EUCON 2022.12 Now Available—What’s New


Got an Avid control surface? With the EUCON 2022.12 release—in conjunction with the Pro Tools 2022.12 release—you gain new features to speed up your workflow, allowing you more time for artistic decisions. Copy and Paste and Custom Knob improvements on Avid Control and Avid S4/S6, fully customizable channel buttons and new automation workflows on the S4/S6, plus EuControl/S1 softkey improvements, Function recall settings, Auto Talkback, and Input Monitor. Plus, many smaller features and bug fixes. See the What’s New Guides for the full list.

EUCON Enable and Status (PT 2022.12)

EUCON Status1

Five different states indicating connection and performance status

EUCON Status2

Plugin Copy and Paste (requires PT2022.12 for full functionality)

AC Copypaste

Avid Control gains Copy and Paste buttons so you can easily copy plugin data between like plugins. On Avid S4/S6 in conjunction with the new Channel Key Editor there’s a new Copy command allowing Copy and Paste from both Strips and the Master Module.

Custom Knob Improvements

Default knob maps have always had the ability to have two functions per knob (peers)—usually Freq and Q. Now, with Custom Knobs, you can also build Peer knobs using any type of function for any plugin type.

AC Peer knobs

AC peer indicator

EuControl/S1 Softkey Improvements

S1 Softkeys

The Avid S1 softkeys can now be split between multiple S1’s, allowing up to 64 commands including shift. On the Meters screen a new softkey block has been added that makes the commands and state easy to see. The Avid S1 physical color keys have been tweaked for better visibility too. You can now add the surface (top left) key as a softkey allowing it to be duplicated on the bottom left shift key. In EuControl, a new adjustable delay can be added after a command to make macros run on faster machines more reliably. ¬¬The Avid S3 gains a couple of new sections available for softkeys.

Avid S4/S6 Display Module

S6 Display

Change Display Module meter modes by track type from a new channel strip command. New highlighted colors for the knob display show the in state of functions.

Avid S4/S6 Custom Strip Keys and New Automation Controls

Most buttons on the Fader Module can now be customized¬ and rearranged using the softkey editor. In addition, new commands can now be easily added in this release—Copy, DSP, Add to layout, and CDM Layout. The Automaton keys can be fully configured for your workflow—number, order, and shifted layer can all be changed. We added a new Automation command that is accessed from the surface called Automatic Take Over (from System 5). It required Pro Tools 2022.12 or later. Whilst writing automation on the fader, double tap the Auto key (or the global ATO softkey—this changes the red LED from flashing to fast flashing. When the underling automation passes the fader position (current writing) it drops out of write.

Custom strip keys

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    After 20 years mixing and designing studios facilities in the UK, I moved to the USA and managed the S5 products for Euphonix. At Avid I designed the S6, S4 and S1 and now manage all control surfaces.

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