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EUCON 2021.10 Now Available—What's New

Eddie Jones October 28, 2021

The EUCON 2021.10 software update is now available and adds several new capabilities and enhancements, including Avid S4/S6 Multi Swap Layer functionality, Avid S1 Insert Bypass, a major boost to performance on all surfaces (requires Pro Tools 2021.10), and many smaller features and bug fixes.


swap layers on the display module
Swap layers on the Display Module

Avid S4 and S6 now let you assign tracks to up to four Swap layers, enabling you to quickly access different tracks from the same strip(s). Tracks are assigned to Swap layers from the Layouts Assign page. You can then cycle all strips through each Swap layer from the Master Module Swap button. On S6, you can also initiate Swap from fader strips to cycle all strips or individual strips. To simplify navigation, the names of tracks in other Swap layers can be shown on Display Modules.

swap button on the master touch module
Swap button on the Master Touch Module

swap button on the Avid S6 fader module
Swap button on the Avid S6 Fader Module


The previously unused X button now functions as the Plugin Bypass/In Switch for inserts, EQs, dynamics.

plugin bypass on Avid S1
X Button now controls plugin bypass


(All surfaces—requires Pro Tools 2021.10)

In addition to speeding up session load and close times, Layout recall, Banking, Spill, and Attention are now much faster. We have also added a new option to exclude Inactive Tracks from being sent over EUCON to increase performance even further.


EUCON 2021.10 introduces several other features, including:

  • Avid Dock monitor knob is now touch sensitive so you can see the volume on touch
  • Fader values are higher resolution when below -10db
  • New Pro Tools View Softkeys for I/O, EQ Curve, Object, and Meters and Faders
  • With the introduction of Pro Tools | Carbon preamp control in Pro Tools 2021.10, you can now adjust Carbon’s preamps remotely from any EUCON surface


EUCON 2021.10 is now available for all Avid S1, S3, Dock, and Control customers, as well as Avid S4 and S6 systems with a valid Avid Advantage support contract—just log in to your Avid Account and find the installer link. Please note that if you’re using Pro Tools with your control surface, some new features will require the recent Pro Tools 2021.10 release to function. For more details about this release, please see the new documentation now available in your Avid Account.

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