MAY 11, 2023

Euro Vision

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A major new report has highlighted key areas which need to be addressed in order to ensure that broadcasters take advantage of advances in technology in a rapidly changing media landscape.

In the latest episode of season three of the Making the Media Podcast, host Craig Wilson talks with Mark Harrison, the chief executive of the DPP, about their European Leaders Report, compiled after a two-day conference of broadcasters and media vendors in Berlin, Germany.

The report identified six key areas. They were:

  • The IP production strategy we really need
  • Driving value from metadata
  • Optimizing technical resources
  • Cloud priorities
  • Making use of AI
  • Organizational Efficiency

In the episode, Mark discusses each of the topics in depth, highlighting specific discussion points which came out of the event and guiding principles which were agreed on how to address them. The topics sparked in-depth conversations, and a great degree of self-reflection among the broadcast community.

He tells host Craig Wilson, “I was really struck by a statement made by one person in the broadcast community, which was that organizational change that comes out of cost saving almost always creates the wrong organization. That the motivations are all wrong and the decisions you make are all wrong for trying to then optimize the business and technical workflows.” The use of artificial intelligence is creating a huge amount of buzz in the industry, but Mark says that broadcasters remain cautious about its uses.

He says, “Everyone needs to be transparent. So any content organization that is using AI needs to be transparent with their audiences. So that’s what they’re doing. That’s how this particular content has been generated, all this information is being generated. And then equally, any provider of AI services has to be very transparent about exactly how their models were trained and you know what they are seeking to do.”

Find out more on the next episode of the Making the Media podcast, available on all major podcast platforms on Friday, May 12.

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