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March 11th, 2024

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The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in content creation is revolutionizing the way content creators work, enhancing the overall creative process. But what does AI mean long-term for content creators?

In “Fostering Creativity Through the Power of AI” virtual event, Avid AI expert Shailendra Mathur, Vice President of Architecture and Technology, addresses the topic with Craig Wilson, Product Evangelist for Video and Media. Mathur delves into philosophies and technologies, exploring responsible and generative AI, specific AI tools developed by Avid, and the broader impact on content creation.

This was the first in Avid’s Frame the Future series being held through July 2024. Additional Frame the Future virtual event topics will feature security, storage trends, cloud and virtualization, newsroom strategy, and business transformation.

Here’s a peek into featured topics and questions posed during the “Fostering Creativity Through the Power of AI virtual event:

AI opportunities for content creators
Mathur shows how AI brings many benefits for content creators, including increased efficiency and targeted content delivery. The ability to automate mundane tasks frees up time for creativity and storytelling. AI also facilitates reaching a diverse audience, leading to enhanced monetization opportunities. Tailoring content to individual preferences or unique market segments can better monetize content.

Possible AI hazards
While the promises of AI are exciting, Mathur spotlights potential downsides and challenges. The risk of overreliance on automation, shortage of qualified personnel due to automated mundane tasks, and concerns about the creative spark being diminished are areas of caution. Additionally, attribution and plagiarism issues pose threats to the livelihood of creative individuals.

Avid's approach to responsible AI
Avid aligns with industry trends and regulations on responsible AI. Embracing a philosophy of keeping the human in the loop, Avid advocates for AI as a co-pilot rather than the pilot of the creative plane. This ensures that while AI provides recommendations and decisions, thecreative control remains in the hands of content creators. Mathur also addresses how the industry is evolving and the effect of new professionals with different perspectives. The conversation also addresses the regulatory landscape and the need for compliance with government regulations.

AI development strategies at Avid
Mathur shares Avid's AI strategy for productizing innovations and the importance of collaboration with outside AI experts. Focus areas include audio and video tools, asset management, content management, customer feedback, and automation in deployment and operational areas.

Leveraging Avid Ada
Mathur gives a demonstration of Avid Ada, an AI-based assistive technology, encompassing a set of tools and technologies shared across Avid products. Avid Ada supports creators in achieving new levels of creativity and efficiency. Avid Ada's chatbot functionality is showcased as a preview, enabling natural language conversations for contextualized information retrieval.

Generative AI and Speech-to-Text
Generative AI is explored in the context of speech-to-text, where Avid focuses on generating transcriptions and exporting them as plain text files. The popular PhraseFind AI and ScriptSync AI features in Media Composer utilize speech-to-text capabilities to synchronize scripts and export transcripts, enhancing content accessibility and searchability.

Conversational editing
The concept of conversational editing, where content creators can interact with the application using speech-to-text technology, is featured. This innovative approach streamlines the editing process, allowing users to engage in natural language conversations to find and manipulate content efficiently.

Knowledge management with semantic technologies:
Mathur delves into knowledge management, leveraging semantic embeddings and knowledge graphs. Semantic embeddings enable contextual discovery and recommendations, allowing for natural language queries and matching content based on contextual relationships. Knowledge graphs, still in research, aim to connect metadata and content silos for a more comprehensive understanding.

Security in AI services
Mathur shares Avid’s approach to security in AI, drawing parallels between security frameworks and AI development policies. By conducting threat analyses and adopting a risk-based framework, Avid aims to implement controls where potential harm may occur, ensuring content security and addressing customer concerns.

As Avid continues to push the boundaries of AI in content creation, the possibilities for creators are expanding. The coexistence of AI and human creativity, coupled with responsible AI practices, opens new avenues for innovation in media production. As the industry evolves, Avid remains dedicated to providing solutions that prioritize efficiency, collaboration, and creative control, guided by the principles of responsible AI.

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