JUNE 20, 2024

Introducing Human Lite: Bringing Live Feel to Your Tracks

Human Lite featured


Human Lite is a unique plugin by Mixed In Key that helps producers add an organic feel to their tracks. This lite version of Human Plugins helps make quantized music sound as though it’s played by live performers. Whether you’re new to music production or an experienced professional, Human Lite makes it easy to infuse your tracks with an authentic, organic feel.

When making music ‘in the box’ using a DAW, snap quantization keeps everything perfectly in-time, which is often essential for genres like electronic music. However, when you aim to recreate a live sound, such as a band playing together, programmed instruments can lack the slight timing variations created by human musicians, resulting in an unnatural sound. Human Lite bridges this gap, providing your digital tracks with a human touch while maintaining the precision you need.

Human Lite MIDI and Audio plugins


The Pro Tools 2024.3 software update introduced support for MIDI effect plugins that enable you to quickly generate and manipulate MIDI to realize your musical ideas. Human Lite and the full version of Human Plugins take full advantage of this feature. You get two versions of the plugin, a MIDI effect and audio effect that all work together and listen to each other to help create that Human feel.


Human Plugins features a super-simple and intuitive user interface. Turning the large knob will change the amount of effect, from no effect (bypass) to maximum Humanization.

Human Plugins introduces a unique feature that transcends traditional quantization by enabling what we call "Group Humanization." Imagine multiple plugins interacting as if they were musicians in a live ensemble. While swing merely offsets notes to add a touch of syncopation, our Human Plugins integrate with Pro Tools’ swing to create a deeply Humanized Swing. This fusion not only retains the groove but enhances it, offering a richer, more authentic human touch to your music. This is a more organic version of humanization.

Mixed In Key Human Lite Before and After


Human Lite provides a great introduction to music humanization, it includes one setting that is available in the full version. Upgrading to the full version of Human Plugins unlocks nine more settings of humanizations. Human Plugins offers the industry’s pioneering humanization technology that customizes its effect for each instrument and sound, with a central knob to adjust the humanization from subtle to distinct. Pro Tools owners get a special upgrade price to the full version of Human Plugins.

Human Plugins is more than just a tool; it’s a game changer for music producers, adding that extra mojo which can be so elusive in modern music production. The added vibe it creates can take a track from great to amazing.


  • BT (Composer, Technologist): “I can’t wait to use this compositionally. The possibilities not only for intelligent humanization of electronic music but cinematic and scoring as well is staggering. Audio and MIDI that talk to one another? I’m in!”
  • Fabian Hernandez (Latin Grammy Nominee, Producer, Songwriter): “In my experience as an artist and producer, the Human Plugin is probably the closest you’ll ever get to having that real-time, live feeling you get on stage while producing, no matter how rigid your stems are. Genius!!”
  • Isaac Sprintis (Composer, Producer): “Human Plugins are a game changer for music producers, they add that extra mojo which can be so elusive in modern music production. The added vibe it creates can take a track from great to amazing. Like hot sauce, everything tastes better with it!”
  • Jessy Covets (Artist, Producer, Singer): “I love the Human Plugins! It brings life and movement to my MIDI drums and bass, making my beats truly vibrant and energetic.”
  • LarryOhh (FL Studio Power User, Youtuber): “Wild bro! So good.”
Mixed In Key Human Lite in the Studio

Human Lite is an excellent introduction to the powerful capabilities of Human Plugins by Mixed In Key. Whether you’re looking to add subtle humanization to your tracks or create a full live band feel, Human Lite provides the tools you need to get started. And when you’re ready to unlock the full potential of your music, upgrading to the full version of Human Plugins will provide you with nine additional settings of humanization to explore.


The Mixed In Key Human Lite plugin in Pro Tools 2024.6 is now exclusively available to all Pro Tools customers with active subscriptions and perpetual upgrade plans. You can download the plugin through Avid Link or find it in your Avid Account. Watch the video above to explore how to use Human Lite. For more information and to explore the full suite, visit Mixed In Key.

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