DECEMBER 7, 2023

Avid | Stream IO Next Gen Ingest and Playout

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With more channels, more codecs and additional functionality, the value of a subscription to Avid | Stream IO just soared higher.

Since being launched in August of this year, Avid | Stream IO next gen ingest and playout software has already been purchased by a range of customers across the world, from regional news broadcasters to national channels, keen to take advantage of the flexibility which the software-only solution provides.

Now Avid | Stream IO offers even more. In addition to the four-channel configuration available at launch, Avid | Stream IO supports up to eight channels, which can be set up in any way as production needs change. From eight in to eight out and every combination in between, this flexibility gives vital options to broadcasters who need those high channel counts for large scale environments.

Avid Stream IO with 8 channels 900
Figure 1 Avid | Stream IO with 8 channels

The addition of channels is only one new set of capabilities. AVC LongG 12 and 25 have been added as available codecs, in addition to the most commonly used codecs of AVCI 50 and 100 and XDCAM 50, plus the family of Avid DNxHD codecs, too. Closed caption data is also now supported for playout.

Speaking of playout, the web-based remote console, which can be used to manually control Avid | Stream IO, now has the ability to create, build, and modify playlists. These can be created per channel, changed and updated on the fly, locked to prevent changes, or sent to any available playout channel when required.

Avid Stream IO with playlists 900
Figure 2 Playlists are just one of the new features in Avid | Stream IO

For additional control of multiple playout channels, MediaCentral | Command can be used. For ingest, MediaCentral | Acquire or MediaCentral | Capture are also available as options.

Bear in mind that Avid | Stream IO supports both OpAtom and OP1a workflows, making it ideal for both Avid and non-Avid workflow environments.

With enhanced codecs and capabilities, why not find out more about how Avid | Stream IO ingest and playout software can help streamline any production workflow?

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