MARCH 1, 2024

SDI to IP Transition Focus of Avid Virtual Event

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The shift from traditional workflows including the SDI to IP transition, new video formats, and the demand for seamless integration with cloud technologies are among the challenges facing broadcasters today. Avid’s “Ingest and Playout Solutions” on demand virtual event addresses these evolving needs head-on, empowering broadcasters to adapt to the changing landscape with ease.

Led by Avid industry experts Daliah Naor, Craig Wilson, and Martin Appleton, the virtual event discussion delves into the intricacies of transitioning from SDI to IP, the importance of flexibility and integration, and the rise of remote workflows.

Avid's latest ingest and playout offering is Avid | Stream IO, a software-based solution designed to handle the complexities of both SDI and IP streams. With features like web-based interfaces for remote management and seamless integration of protocols and codecs, Avid | Stream IO helps to simplify the move from SDI to IP. The latest release of Avid | Stream IO offers support for Ultra HD formats; more flexibility including a choice of 2 channels in addition to the existing 4 or 8 channels; and a lower cost of entry through subscription. As part of the subscription, existing customers gain instant access to all new developments.

The virtual event spotlights these topics:

Market Challenges and Trends: The ongoing transition from SDI to IP; UHD and HDR workflows; and preserving SDI workflows while preparing for the inevitable shift to IP

Flexibility and Integration: Handling various protocols, codecs, and channel counts; web-based interfaces enabling remote management of ingest and playout channels from anywhere; and seamless integration of SDI and IP

Remote Workflows and Web-Based Tools: Managing ingest and playout channels from anywhere to anywhere and accommodating both SDI and IP

Customer Concerns and Recommendations: Need for a tailored approach, cost implications, cloud deployment, and SDI challenges

Future Trends: The ongoing transition to IP, integration of AI, and the increasing evaluation of cloud capabilities

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